Thoughts On “My Father’s Daughter” And Eating Organic

Apart from blue eyes and blonde hair, another similarity I share with Gwyneth Paltrow is the love of cooking. Few things give me deeper satisfaction than creating tasty, savoury dishes for my loved ones – whether it’s a four-course meal or a batch of gooey cookies. I recently picked up GP’s first cookbook, My Father’s Daughter, and was instantly struck with inspiration.

I thought that if a blogger could re-create all of Julia Child’s dishes, then surely I can whip up my own versions of GP’s offerings. The idea is by no means original and I may fall flat more often than not, but chronicling my attempts will at least keep me on my toes.

I spent Saturday night flipping through the book’s pages, reading Mario Batali’s foreword and GP’s own take on “simple, (mostly) healthy, delicious food”. What instantly appealed to me was that not only did most of the recipes feature items that I normally have on hand in my kitchen, they’re also comprised of fresh and real ingredients without all the “bad stuff”. I’ll take a moment and try to forget that she agreed to guest star on Glee and instead focus on the fact that this woman seems to really know what’s what in the heart of any home.

Leafy Greens Root Vegetables

Like GP, I wasn’t raised with health-conscious food habits. Both of us made frequent trips to the drive-thru with our families and an “anything goes” attitude was common in the family kitchen. As I got older, making the right choices as to what to put in my body became more and more important to me. Even today at 30 it’s still a struggle to say no to what my tongue craves. However, it’s the only body I’ve got, so filling it with refined foods, sugars and similar junk isn’t doing me any favours.

Eating organic isn’t easy for most of us, least of all me. Not only can it be difficult to source – even on Vancouver Island, organic food can often put a tighter squeeze on our wallets. I choose organic when and if I can, but it’s also important to be selective. Eating organic produce is essential to avoiding harmful pesticides and herbicides, but non-organic milk is not much different than the organic variety [source]. Do your homework, read every recipe twice and (my favourite of GP’s tips) enjoy a glass of wine as you go!

Like any would-be culinary pro, stocking my kitchen with helpful essentials would be a dream. While I’ve got a long ways to go, here’s a quick wish list of what would make my kitchen a little more complete.

  • large stock pot
  • butcher block cutting board
  • Wusthof Classic 10-inch chef’s knife and 9-inch serrated bread knife
  • extra large cast iron skillet
  • practical herb and spice storage (spice racks are unacceptable in my kitchen)
  • Le Creuset round French oven in Caribbean blue, the bigger the better
  • a bigger kitchen!

Photos: AWP Butcher Block, Inc., Le Creuset

I’m excited to dig into the cookbook at further depth and (fingers crossed) share one dish with you each week. While I don’t feel it would be ethical to share the actual recipes on my blog, you can count on colourful photos of the scrumptious meals I plan on stuffing in my mouth and the mouths of my loved ones.

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10 Comments on “Thoughts On “My Father’s Daughter” And Eating Organic

  1. I am looking forward to it! I love food!

    P.S. Le Crueset is amazing! I have my mom’s pumpkin orange set from the 70’s! A large stock pot would make a fantastic addition!

  2. I also hate most spice racks. I find them a tad tacky and they take up counter space that I would much rather have for myself. However, with one of my kitchen cupboards bursting at the seams with herbs and spices I realized I need to fix the problem! I found some really cute sipce jars at Ikea which I am going to use. They’re also a money saver as I can buy spices in bulk and just fill my jars as I need. My mom has Tupperware spice containers, which aren’t as pretty, but they are stackable so they take up a lot less space in the cupboard.

  3. That’s a great idea – Danielle! Currently I have magnetic spice jars that stick to the side of my fridge but they kinda suck. They definitely don’t keep the freshness in. I like the idea of stacking, Tupperware containers from a practical standpoint.

  4. I rather liked the spice rack that I had, simply because it gave me a variety of spices to try out when I didn’t really have a recipe. The down side is that the under used stuff went bad and was kind of a waste. Was good for experimenting though I guess.

  5. How fun! Looking foward to the posts of your culinary efforts!

  6. I will be waiting for you to make some Kale Chips for this loved one!

  7. I love this idea!! I love Gwyneth Paltrow’s movies, her fashion style, and like her website I was thinking about buying her cookbook. I look forward to seeing how the recipes turn out and to see your reviews each week. Hope to see lots of pictures too!

    By the way, great job on your blog. I enjoying reading it and am glad to see you back.

  8. I invested in a few Wusthof knives a few years ago and it makes such a difference to have quality tools! Try and bribe someone to buy them for you :)

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