Thoughts After 30 Days

One of my first-ever blog posts, in September of 2005, recalled a recent trip to Fitness World, drinks I’d had at Steamworks in Gastown with co-workers after work and my elation over the fact that it was finally Friday. Subsequent posts ranged from re-caps of that week’s episode of The OC to song lyrics I adored to what I was looking forward to at Christmastime. I also wrote a lot about time spent with friends, posted photos of the things we did together and essentially diarized much of my life here in Vancouver.

Sisters From Different Misters

With Ashley, August 2006

At some point over the last several years, my blog has shifted from that of a personal scrapbook-style blog to one that contained content only related to Vancouver Island. While I’d endeavoured to set the record straight on the endless supply of things to do, places to see, food to eat and people to meet on the Island, I lost myself along the way.

With Rebecca, June 2007 [Photo by Duane Storey]

I’ve always loved the craft of writing, the art of stringing together sentences and nailing the perfect adjective. My passions extend far beyond that of writing, so it only makes sense to incorporate what I’m passionate about with the writing that I love to accomplish. Vancouver Island was, is and will always ultimately be my home, but my life is far more than that. I reside in Vancouver and spend my time here with incredible people. We travel, we create and eat tantalizing food, we walk this city’s sidewalks and laugh, we watch hockey games at sports bars and spend sun-drenched afternoons at some of Vancouver’s most lush dog parks as our pooches sniff each other and stretch out in the grass.

Amy, Kay Beyond Excited!
With Amy, April 2008; At Playland with John Biehler, July 2008

One month ago I was tired, burnt out and nearly to the point of resenting my commitment to my blog. Limiting the content to that related only to Vancouver Island was stifling my creativity and the expression I’ve always been able to make through writing. I took 30 days off to decide whether or not I even wanted to continue with it and, having taken that time, decided that I indeed do.

True Love
Puppy kisses, at home with Jordy, August 2009

If there is somewhere on Vancouver Island worth visiting, a tasty treat worth eating or a homegrown company worth hearing about or a product worth trying, you’ll hear it here from me! While I will not promise to write every single day, you’ll also read a lot about my daily life in this city, the people whose company I keep, the adventures I go on and random photographs I snap around this city.

In New York City with Meghan, May 2010; In Zihuatanejo, Mexico with J, April 2011

After all, it’s still my blog.

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10 Comments on “Thoughts After 30 Days

  1. Reading about peoples lives is one of my favorite things to do. I love personal lifestyle blogs. Can’t wait to read about your adventures!

  2. You’re very right. It’s – your name is right there in the title 😉
    I really enjoyed this post, looking forward to more.

  3. I’m glad you will still write, it’s a great way for those of us who adore you to keep up with your day to day life without chatting all the time! Miss you lots, and hope we can see each other soon. (at least before I become a mommy!)

  4. Keira-Anne, I’m glad to read you’ve (re)discovered the kernel, the spark that urges you to write. I wanted to let you know that I stop by and read about all of your finds in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. Despite the vast distance, the words, the pictures, the ideas, all of it brings me a little closer to home. Thanks!

  5. So glad you will keep on writing your blog! You have a wonderful flair with words!

  6. Glad your sticking with it — we’d hate to see you disappear from the blog world for too long.

  7. Keira,

    This post brings great memories of a lovely tea date we had a few weeks back (maybe a couple of months?) WHOA. Has it been THAT long?

    Every time people ask me “what do you blog about” I always answer “I blog about me”. And some snarky people then proceed to tell me “so, what do you do that makes you so interesting?” and I answer “I live my life to the fullest and I blog about it, with everything that my life brings along – travel, food, theatre, dance, or songs I’ve listened to, or things I care about, non profits, etc.”

    The reason why I keep reading your blog is because it’s you, Keira. Because in it, you (and I know that you are actually a much more private person in real life) give us a little glimpse of all the great things that you do, and the people you care for, and the places you’ve travelled to.

    Coincidentally, I was coming to your blog to grab a screencap because I was planning to showcase it as an example of a personal blog at my and Arieanna’s talk at Northern Voice. And this post is PERFECT for the occasion. Thank you.

    Much love always, and NEVER stop being YOU. Because I love you for who YOU are.

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