Month: May 2011

Airport XXX-Rays

No doubt that the face of air travel around the globe has changed beyond the point of return in the last decade. In fact, I can’t even remember the days of flying without my liquids in a Zip-loc… Read More

2:00 A.M. Wake-Up Call

Earlier on the weekend, needing a mixer, J picked up a bottle of Coke Zero and stashed the remnants in my fridge. I didn’t partake in any at the time, but last night as I flipped on a… Read More

Canucks Fever Is Sweeping Across Vancouver Island

Photo: Kristen Douglas/The Mirror At the end of May, 1994 I was a month away from graduating junior high school, desperately hopeful that my awful perm would disappear by summer and excitedly cheering on the Vancouver Canucks alongside… Read More

Viva La Zihua!

With current temperatures in Vancouver far below the balmy Springtime usual, it’s difficult to not feel a little blue when looking out the window. Days that should be filled with sunshine and shorts are spend bundled up in… Read More

Help Me, Help Them

Some people ask my why I keep doing it year after year. Others ask me why I do it in the first place. Does $500 or $1,000 really make a difference? Is it even important at all? News… Read More