Island Profile: Seaflora And The Seaweed Lady

On my recent trip to Ancient Cedars Spa in Tofino, I spent some time perusing the products for sale. On the top shelf, I noticed a photo of a widely-smiling lady in knee-high rubber boots hauling seaweed along the beach. I asked my spa therapist about the products collected around the photo and was told that the line was called Seaflora. And the lady? That’s Diane Bernard – the woman who developed Seaflora based on her passion for and roots in the local coastline.

What piqued my interest was learning that not only is Seaflora developed from certified organic wild seaweed, but that it’s harvested and produced in the seaside community of Sooke on Vancouver Island! That in itself was enough to convince me that it was well worth a shot, so I made sure that their facial skin care line was on its way to my mailbox.


Photo: Sea Flora

Let me preface this by saying that my skin is far from perfect. The tone is uneven with red blotches here and there and I am certainly not exempt from adult acne and a shiny t-zone. I’m always skeptical when I try new product lines, but Sea Flora promises gentle cleansing while naturally creating a balance.

I started the routine with Sea Foam Cleansing Concentrate, used the Sea Spray Splash Toner to unclog my stubborn pores and followed up with some Rich Laminaria Facial Moisturizer. What’s great about each of these products is that because they use such natural ingredients that they’re well-suited for almost any skin type. The key organic seaweed component is chalked full of vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K while also boosting my skin with compounds of laminarin, alginate and fucoidan, antioxidants and essential amino acids.


The absence of unpronounceable chemicals means that Seaflora is scented more like the ocean from which is comes, and there’s no “tingle” that hits you after washing, but slathering a safer product on your skin is far more invaluable in the long run. I appreciate that Seaflora is simple to use and multi-functional. The cleanser also removes eye make-up and the toner can be used as a men’s aftershave.

After several weeks’ use, is my skin suddenly perfect? Definitely not, but I can’t deny the difference I’ve noticed. My breakouts have since dwindled a bit and the overall tone of my skin has been nothing short of remarkable.

Beyond basic skin care, Seaflora also produces deep cleansing masques, exfoliants and yummy bath soaks. Here’s a quick breakdown of some extra benefits of the extensive Seaflora line:

  • Pacific Sea Salts to provide nutrients and balance and regulate electrolytes
  • Certified organic Ulva lactuca to refine pores
  • Certified organic Nereocystis to deliver amino acids to skin for building protein and assist in cellular regeneration
  • Certified organic Iridaea to nourish skin with beta- carotene and alginate to slow skin’s aging, firm and tone skin
  • Certified organic Macrocystis to detoxify and stimulate circulation
  • Ocean Mud to cleanse skin and remove impurities and toxins
  • Certified Organic sunflower, pumpkin and flax seed oils to hydrate skin

You can learn more about Seaflora on their website or shop the extensive Seaflora line in their online shop. You can also “like” Seaflora on Facebook or follow Diane Bernard – The Seaweed Lady – on Twitter.

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  1. At first when you let me try the line, I wasn’t sure I liked the feel or smell on my skin…but by the morning my skin felt fantastic! I would definitely use this on a regular basis.

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