Month: February 2011

Dine Around The Comox Valley

Nothing brings people together like food and nothing gets people out to local eateries like dining events. Starting tomorrow, Dine Around the Comox Valley will run until March 6th and offer diners the chance to explore the myriad… Read More

Famous Faces: Kim Cattrall

It’s surprising to some and common knowledge to many, but Vancouver Island has been home at one point or another to many famous actors, musicians, athletes and artists. Much like the Island Profile series, this new Famous Faces… Read More

The Eagle Is Landing In Campbell River

I first discovered the Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society (MARS) during one of their live demonstrations at the Woodland Gardens’ Art & Bloom Festival in 2009. One of the society’s volunteers was on hand to educate the crowd about… Read More

CVCS Information Session To Protect Comox’s Northeast Woods

As a child, I attended Brooklyn Elementary in Comox. Recess and lunch hour would be spent playing with friends and creating an imaginary world in the small cluster of trees behind the school. In high school, we were… Read More

Healthy Hearts Across Vancouver Island

With a total population of around 750,000 people, Vancouver Island is home to a lot of women. They’re our sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmas, nieces and our friends. And in recent years, the risk of heart disease in women… Read More