Dine Around The Comox Valley

Nothing brings people together like food and nothing gets people out to local eateries like dining events. Starting tomorrow, Dine Around the Comox Valley will run until March 6th and offer diners the chance to explore the myriad of restaurants in and around the Comox Valley.

Baked Burrito with Tofu

The concept is simple: choose your price tier, choose your restaurant and enjoy a complete meal as selected by the eatery to showcase their culinary talents. I’ve included a list below of participating restaurants and the meal tier they fall under.


    Plates Catering & Eatery 2601 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay (250) 334-8087 [website]
    Ricky’s All Day Grill 795 Ryan Road, Courtenay (250) 334-9638 [website]
    Smitty’s 1747 Comox Avenue, Comox (250) 339-3911 [website]
    Thai Village Restaurant 2104 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay (250) 334-3812 [website]
    Tita’s Mexican Restaurant 536 6th Street, Courtenay (250) 334-8033 [website]
    Yummies & Gyros Greek Café 279 Puntledge Road, Courtenay (250) 338-2299 [website]


    Bisque 307B 14th Street, Courtenay (250) 334-8564 [website]
    Blackfin Pub 132 Port Augusta Street, Comox (250) 339-5030 [website]
    Fluid Bar & Grill 1175 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay (250) 338-1500 [website]
    Greenhouse Restaurant 1590 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay (250) 338-7741 [website]
    Mad Chef Cafe 492 Fitzgerald Avenue, Courtenay (250) 871-7622 [website]
    Martine’s Bistro 1754 Beaufort Avenue, Comox (250) 339-1199 [website]
    Monte Christo on the River 975 Comox Road, Courtenay (250) 338-1468 [website]
    Tita’s Mexican Restaurant 536 6th Street, Courtenay (250) 334-8033 [website]
    Union Street Grill 477 5th Street, Courtenay (250) 897-0081 [website]


    Atlas Café 250 6th Street, Courtenay (250) 338-9838 [website]
    Avenue Bistro 2064 Comox Avenue, Comox (250) 890-9200 [website]
    Locals Restaurant 364 8th Street, Courtenay (250) 338-6493 [website]
    The Old House Restaurant 1760 Riverside Lane, Courtenay (250) 338-5406 [website]
    Silverado West Coast Grill at Crown Isle 399 Clubhouse Drive, Courtenay (250) 703-5000 [website]

For more information, visiting 2011 Comox Valley Dining Around online. Reservations are highly recommended.

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2 Comments on “Dine Around The Comox Valley

  1. I wish this event was longer…already have reservations for Locals and would have liked to try out a few more..Avenue and Fluid.

  2. Are you getting much play on this post Keira? Any feedback on #CVDiningAround? I’m curious, as I’m watching considerable online activity (and all events sold out) at #ParkvilleUncorked. Any feedback is good!

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