Giveaway: Celebrate Love On Vancouver Island And Win One Of Three Great Prizes

UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners! The winner of the Silk Road Gift Basket is Lauren Hunchuk, the winner of the $25 Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory gift certificate and Nanaimo Museum passes is Kara Linden and the winner of the Saltspring Soapworks gift basket is Charleen. Thanks to all who entered!

Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone this year or flying solo, there’s always reason to spread a little love. No matter where, or with whom, you find yourself on the 14th, here are some great ways to celebrate the day:

1. Spend an afternoon wandering small shops – chic boutiques in Victoria, gorgeous antiques in the Cowichan Valley or Nanaimo artisans – and treat yourself to something that catches your eye.

2. Treat your tongue (and a friend) to creamy, savoury cheeses with on-site sampling from either Natural Pastures Cheese Company in Courtenay or Little Qualicum Cheeseworks. I’m a big fan of the brie from both companies.

3. Vancouver Island is home to seemingly infinite vineyards, so head to any one of them for a (usually free) wine tasting. Bring along a bit of chocolate to make the experience more sumptuous.

Heart's Content

Heart of Stone...
Photos: Andrew Johnson (L) and Jay-P (R) on Flickr

4. Stay active and have fun doing it. Whack the clubs at a driving range, rent bicycles and hit the path or get in touch with nature on one of Strathcona Park’s hiking trails.

5. With all the Island’s utterly incredible spas and resorts, indulge in a side-by-side couples’ or friends’ massage. The Grotto Spa at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville and Tofino’s Ancient Cedars Spa come to mind.

6. Escape the frenetic pace of everyday and dig your toes into the sand of some of the deserted beaches near Port Hardy. The pine-scented air and thrashing ocean will have you feeling relaxed in no time.


How do you share love? Does Valentine’s Day mean much to you or do you show it year-round? You could win one of three lavish prizes:

Prize 1 Victoria’s sought-after Silk Road Teas is providing one winner with a stunning Moroccan lantern for a candlelit bath, delicious massage oil, bath salts and a tasty romantic tea blend.

Prize 2 Get a taste of the famous Nanaimo Bar Trail in the Harbour City with a $25 gift certificate from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and delight in their signature Nanaimo Bar Fudge. This prize also includes a complimentary double pass to the Nanaimo Museum to learn all about Nanaimo’s famous local treat!

Prize 3 Incredible organics and homegrown goodness come together from Saltspring Soapworks with a gift basket containing a 100% Organic Lipbalm with local honey, Pure Vanilla Handmade Soap, Lavender and Ylang Ylang Body Lotion and a charming heart-shaped Coconut Bath Bomb.

You’ve got two separate chances to win!

  • Leave a comment below telling me how you celebrate love all year round. (1 entry)
  • Find on Facebook, click on the “Contests” tab and write a quick message telling me about your most memorable Valentine’s Day – whether it was the best or the worst! (1 entry)

I’ll draw three winners at random on Friday, February 11 at 6:00 p.m. Good luck!

About the contest’s fantastic sponsors…

A jewel in Victoria’s Chinatown neighbourhood, Silk Road Teas has been hand-blending unique organic loose teas since 1992. I was fortunate enough to attend one of their popular tea workshops in the Fall of 2010 and also found a treasured selection of essential oils, aromatherapy and bathing products as well as a complete on-site spa. [website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

A new addition to Nanaimo, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory produces inspired and deeply flavourful artisan chocolates. With everything from fudge to brittle to Rocky Pop, there’s certainly something to please everyone. Visit them at the Departure Bay Ferry Terminal or their pop-up shop in Woodgrove Centre. [website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

The Nanaimo Museum highlights the Harbour City’s vibrant and fascinating history through interactive displays and exhibits. Be sure to visit some of the current exhibits, honouring Black History Month and Nanaimo’s Chinatown. [website] [Facebook]

A long-time favourite of mine, Saltspring Soapworks is the little soap-maker that could. Based on its namesake island, Saltspring Soapworks has been producing delicious handmade, locally sourced soaps, body products, lotions and much more for over 30 years. [website] [Facebook] [Twitter]

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  2. I celebrate love all year in all the little things I do for my loved ones. I am single at the moment, so I don’t have a lot of opportunity to demonstrate romantic love, but I have many chances to show my chosen families how much they mean to me. I babysit for free so that my friends can have date nights, I host parties so we all can get together, I involve the children in fun activities (like my cat’s birthday party and my own upcoming birthday party). I also show myself how much I love myself by spending quality time at home: I rent a foreign movie, cook a special dinner, and have a mini-spa night. My heart is filled with love and it makes me happy to spread it around to the people close to me.

  3. We celebrate our love all year round by having random “date nights”, going for walks to the beach to watch the sun set and making each other laugh :)

  4. Love is celebrated each day by giving my fiance a good morning kiss, helping her when she needs it, surprising her with breakfast in bed and cuddling at night!

  5. We celebrate all year…my husband and I hold hands whenever we are walking together. We also love to snuggle on the couch. I think we’re one of those couples that other people roll their eyes at.

    We still celebrate Valentine’s Day, but usually just by treating ourselves to a nice dinner out. Usually it’s at an Indian restaurant…when we were first together, my husband didn’t really like Indian food (although I’ve got him hooked on it now!), so it was his way of treating me to something special and thanking me for all the nights we chose pizza over Indian. :)

  6. We celebrate love all year long with delicious homemade dinners, work email correspondence, encouraging one another, cheering one another on, listening to one another, laughing with one another, enjoying each others families, and goodnight kisses.

  7. Ten years ago I married the most amazing man on Valentines week. Our love keeps on growing and together we have 3 amazing kids. The love that we share is stronger then ever and each day there is always something to smile about. From the minute we said I love you we have stood together stronger and taller. That love I believe we have passed down to the kids. This year Valentines will bring us to our tenth anniversary and we plan on sharing that day with our children whom we love so much and after hopefully we can share a nice bottle of wine once the kids are in bed…. Life is about loving, living and caring. :)

  8. Besides saying “I love you”, listening to each other and supporting each other in the decisions we make, we celebrate our love all year round by trying new things and exploring our amazing island. We pick a new place every weekend, rain or shine, near or far. It never gets old. Something about nature just brings people together. This summer we will celebrate our love with all of our family and friends outside along the ocean at our wedding. What better way to commit and celebrate our love for each other.

  9. We celebrate year round by saying “i love you” every day, leaving hidden love notes around the house and going on dates at least once a month. :)

  10. We celebrate by kissing each other every day when we wake up and texting each other sweet messages during the day.

  11. We make each other funny and flirty photoshopped cards and email them to each other. Yesterday he made me a lion card that said “I’m wild about you” and I made him a note today based on one of the British comedy TV shows we both love.

  12. When you truly find your soulmate, then there is no need to *celebrate* love because love comes naturally, everyday, from the morning you wake, till the evening as you fall to sleep, warmly snuggling against the light of your life.
    Valentines day never meant a thing until I met My Love, and now everyday we give a toast to us, and both of us count our blessings just knowing that the other is there, filled with love.
    To know what love tryly is…Now there is cause for celebration.

  13. Romantic getaways to nearby resorts or cottages give us the time to reconnect and remind us of the important things.

  14. We celebrate every day with hugs and kisses first thing and then he makes me breakfast.Then we usually talk for an hour and then on with our day, until the afternoon when we meet at our favorite cake for London Fogs! We have been together for 18 years and spend pretty much everyday together. Hes retired and supports me in my home business as a Medium.

  15. Thirty one years married, four kids, six grandchildren later, we still have ‘date night’ and getaway weekends.
    We always say I love you after talking on the phone, which is often b/c ours is a long distance marriage and has been for most of our marriage.

  16. My boyfriend and I celebrate all year long by taking romantic trips to Vancouver.

  17. I celebrate love all year round by surprising my girlfriend with gifts, and little notes.

  18. We always have fun together and on Valentines we like to make a fuss of each other with a small treat.

  19. celebrating love means selflessness. Helping people less fortunate than you by organizing/participating in charites. Donating things not useful to you to nonprofit organizations. Volunteering your time. The belongings we see as essential are a luxury to many.

  20. In my wedding vows, I vowed to my wife “I promise to make you laugh and feel loved every day of your life.” And not a day goes by where I don’t kiss her and tell her that I loved everyday before I go to bed and before I leave home for work.

  21. Although I’m a grown woman in a long-term relationship, I still love the way I experienced Valentine’s day as a little kid – by getting cards from all my classmates in a handmade mailbox! I don’t think receiving mail has ever been quite as thrilling since then. I live a few provinces away from where I grew up, so I bought some valentines for my friends and family and mailed them this past weekend in a fit of nostalgia, hoping that when they receive a red envelope in the mail they’ll feel loved. Written declarations of love seem to be a pretty big thing for me – the most romantic gift I ever gave was a handmade book of poems my boyfriend and I had written to each other, which I illustrated and bound myself. The best thing about it is that whenever I see it on the bookshelf of our apartment, I remember how much fun it was to make and how much personal history is contained in this commemoration of our relationship.

    I’m not too hung up on making Valentine’s day a lavish affair. I can pass on gifts and flowers, but the day would feel more empty if I didn’t receive a nicely-written valentine. So far my boyfriend hasn’t let me down yet!

  22. When you find the love of your life, every single day is a celebration of your love. My husband and I recently got married, less that 3 months ago, and while we couldn’t afford to go away on a honeymoon after the wedding, we’ve never felt more connected.

    We laugh together, kiss each other good morning and good night, say I love you, text/email during the day, snuggle up together, hold hands whenever we can and have date night once a month. We’re one of those couples that are sickeningly sweet. All these little things mean more to me than a big gesture one day of the year. I cannot wait to grow old with this man and to see what our fairy tale has in store for us!

  23. My man cooks me dinner every night! If that’s not love I don’t know what is 😉

  24. We celebrate our love by never taking each other for granted or life too seriously. We are here to walk shoulder to shoulder and laugh and love as much as possible.

  25. we celebrate love all year round by having marriage time every night where we snuggle on the couch in front of a romantic movie or show.

  26. We celebrate all year by having lazy sunday mornings together every week. Complete with brunch! Great way to reconnect before the next week begins.

  27. This year will be all about learning to find love in unexpected places, and sharing it with everyone I meet.

  28. We are unconventional – this year will be my first Valentine’s Day Celebration, and although for me, every day is filled with honest, non judgemental, sweet love, this might actually be a little bit more special.

    Instead of flowers, chocolates and candles we are heading out to Lake Louise.

    As avid photographers we have documented our life so far with snap shots.

    Not only have I never been but I couldn’t ask for a better tour guide, friend, and ultimately cute boy to spend the day with…

    I can’t say but there is something really magical about snow covered mountains, a long drive with great music, warm coffees for the drive and converstaions that can last for hours…

    But day to day – it is all about the kindess we have for eachother, that we listen and follow through, that we refuse to go to bed angry and that we always remember that life is to short so you had better make the most of it.

    I have never been in love before…until now <3

  29. My boyfriend and I see each other only a couple times a week, because we both are busy with work and I practically live a timezone away out in Delta. However, we talk every night before bed and say our “good night and I love you’s”. It keeps me grounded and happy that there’s someone that can share that with.

  30. I think actions speak louder than voice so I try to show my loved ones I care all year round by doing little things.

  31. We aren’t very good at celebrating love all year round. Haha. BUT tea, chocolate or Saltspring Soap love might help! P.S. Keira we love you!

  32. We both have hectic schedules and crazy lives, but we never take each other for granted. We laugh together every day and appreciate every moment we share together.

  33. We like to celebrate Valentine’s day by not giving gifts but by doing something together. Sometimes we just spend a wonderful day together and somtimes we go away to some romantic location. This year we are going to Victoria to see Elton John