Banning Tanning In The Capital

Last night, in a landslide vote of 18-1, Victoria city council voted to ban those under the age of 18 from using tanning beds in the Greater Victoria region. This precedent-setting decision is being applauded by health care groups and physicians as Victoria is the first city in all of Canada to put such a ban into place.


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The largest controversy over tanning is in the fact that indoor tanning is largely contributed to skin cancer despite some in the industry labeling the practice as “safe”. The new by-law has been volleyed around city council for more than five years and now the city has the power to enforce regulations, carrying penalties between $250 to $2,000 if the by-law is broken. Effective immediately, all those appearing to be under 25 will be asked for identification. [source]

Much like those under 19 cannot buy cigarettes due to their cancer-causing components, I admire Victoria city council for providing yet another avenue by which to protect the health of its city’s youth.

What do you think? Should tanning be banned to those under 18? Would another age be more suitable for the by-law?

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4 Comments on “Banning Tanning In The Capital

  1. Hi Keira-Anne

    I’d just like to point out that it was the Capital Regional District (CRD) which is equivalent to Metro Vancouver/GVRD that passed the by-law, so it affects all 13 municipalities here on the South Island, not just the City of Victoria.

    Keep up the great work on the blog – it’s nice to see a VI “Expat” still so passionate about where she came from!


  2. I see the point, for sure. The thing is … where does this stop? What kind of world/message are we creating when we make products of all ilk at warp speed and then tell people they are too dangerous to use? The world is just all kinds of f*ed up.

    Booze, drugs, smoking, sex, food – everything is bad for you – here it is – now hurry up and don’t do it.

    North America is going to boring in a hand basket.

    And, my bet is people are going to retaliate soon. God I hope so, because if it becomes a world full of vitamin-infused 90 year-olds living on Vegan diets in old age homes that are packed to the rafters because people are living 20 years longer than quality of life dictates they should, I don’t want to be around to see it.

  3. I think it was a good route to take. Teens just don’t understand the physical impact tanning can have on their body. As a teen, look are definitely more important, then the thought of maybe getting cancer..
    I don’t believe tanning is wrong, but I sure as heck don’t go very often. If I do go, it will be once or twice a week in the early spring to “boost” my mood..
    I don’t go to “fake n bake”..

    For this very reason, I’m happy to see that teens under 19 are banned from using the beds. I remember when I was 17, about to graduate, I would go every day.. I graduated looking like a Indian, and my skin was probably the most dead it had ever been! I can’t imagine what that spring/summer did to age my skin..

  4. It’s not our job as a collective to make everyone’s decisions for them. That mentality is frighteningly close to what we see in North Korea right now.

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