Happy Birthday Rebecca!

Once upon a time there was a girl named Rebecca and a girl named Keira. One day fate brought them together over Squishees and silliness and it was a slushy, slippery slope from there.

Rebecca, Keira-Anne

They took photos together… lots of photos.

Rebecca, Keira-Anne
Photo: Duane Storey on Flickr

They “played golf” together.


They sipped tea together.

They went to Canucks games together.

puck bunnies

They went snowboarding at Mt. Washington together.

Sweet As Pie

They walked across the Brooklyn Bridge together.

Lady B and Lady K

They got scared together.

"Angry Guy" and Rebecca

They baked cookies together.

Beautiful Becky

They kayaked around Nanoose Bay together.

…And they brunched together with friends.

Despite all the fun and adventures, the one thing that made the memories amazing was the friendship itself. Over the last several years, Rebecca has continually shown that she has a huge heart and sky-high dreams. Highs and lows are inevitable in life but friendships that endure through them all are worth their weight in gold.

The last 365 days in Rebecca’s life have been another incredible year, full of all the good stuff she deserves. As another year begins for this beautiful lady, here’s to more adventures, more growth, more blessings, more excitement, more Manhattans (without ice, naturally), more laughter, more cookie-baking and more of everything her heart hopes for.

♥ Happy Birthday, Rebecca! ♥

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  1. A wonderful lady like Rebecca deserves all good things. It is so fantastic that you found each other…

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