Stretching Within My Budget

My interest in yoga piqued years ago when, one Boxing Day, I found VHS yoga videos in a bargain bin for nothing more than pocket change. What drew me to it was not only the physical workout but also the fact that it challenges the mind and the body’s natural inclinations such as breathing and posture.

Kingfisher Spa

Not long after, I discovered the Starfish Yoga Studio at the Kingfisher Spa, a quiet cork and cherry wood studio overlooking the ocean shore. It was quiet, peaceful and brought balance to my body and to my mind. So much so, in fact, that I often found myself asleep and snoring by the time I reached the end of savasana in each class.


Since then, I’ve bounced around from studio to studio, enjoying the practice at each but never really committing to one place. I’ve tried out everything from Vancouver Corporate Yoga to Radha Yoga to Yoga For The People and each has offered something different to me. To be honest, the price of yoga passes easily scares me (being that it’s usually considerably more than a monthly gym pass) and drop-in rates add up really fast.

Recently I discovered Yoga Yak, an online yoga “studio” offering free yoga classes through their YouTube channel. While it’s not necessarily easy to bend, stretch and find my centre on the living room floor with Jordy curiously trying to sniff at my heart centre, it’s definitely a budget-friendly alternative.

    For those of you that practice, have you committed to a particular studio? Do you find home practice more or less effective than practicing with a group of students? What are some tips you can share that have been particularly helpful to you and your practice?
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8 Comments on “Stretching Within My Budget

  1. Oooooh the Kingfisher is probably my favourite place on earth. I’ve never been to the yoga studio but the hydropath….oh my goodness!

  2. I have attempted to practice yoga/work-out from home and for me, the motivation staggers after some time. I have finally found a gym that fits all of my needs and includes several yoga classes with the monthly memebership. I find that attending classes and challanges me more so than at home and I am more inclined to follow through long term. It took me much bouncing around as well until I found something that works for me.

  3. It’s been a few years since I quit my gym membership and started attending a yoga studio instead. I feel less like a “hamster on a wheel” that way, but my commitment level varies with life circumstances. I rely on home workouts a lot to keep physical health a priority. However, I consider them supplemental to studying with a real teacher. For me, I think a yoga practice is similar to a marial arts discipline, and I would never consider studying any of those using videos alone.

    As for tips.. Don’t skimp on meditation :) Thanks for sharing those videos!

  4. I have been ‘practicing’ yoga now for about 3 years, and can say without a doubt in my mind that it has transformed my life. :) After years of punishing abuse in a variety of sports, my knees and back were starting to show the signs – at 40, I was getting out of bed in the morning like an 80 year old would. I joined our local Y and started on a yoga journey that would see me in class 3-7 times per week. It is only one hour and really worked for me – easy to fit in to a busy work schedule.
    My resolution this year is to get my teaching certificate as well as to try and practice more at home.
    Good luck with your research and Namaste!

  5. i really like this DVD for morning yoga at home- it’s pretty short and easy to do before work/school Rodney Yee also has an online Yoga Club with more involved daily practices that is also really nice. Hooray for maintaining a home yoga & meditation routine :)

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