The 2011 List Of Try-Hards

It seems that the moment you label something as a “resolution”, you’re setting yourself up for instantaneous failure. It’s no secret that the vast majority of those of us that make up our minds to create changes in our lives often give up on our resolutions within a week or two of January 1st. Sometimes it seems easier to resolve not to make any resolutions, because at least that way we can’t fail.

That being said, I don’t make resolutions and I haven’t done so in years. However, a new calender always seems like a refreshed opportunity for change. Instead, I would like to present my list of try-hards – endeavours I hope to accomplish in 2011 though I won’t be hard on myself if I don’t hit those targets.

1. Less Carbs, More Cardio

Our bodies need carbohydrates to function properly and healthily, but you can have too much of a good thing (especially if you’re me). I’ve given up refined sugars in the past and this time I’m including excessive carbs. The general rule of thumb is that when you eat well, you feel well. Eating well leads to more energy which hopefully leads to a greater desire for exercise.


2. Au Revoir, Skyscrapers

I’ve lived among the towers of downtown Vancouver since the summer of 2004 and, in that time, have grown to loathe downtown life. It was a dream as a child, exciting when I first moved there and now is nothing more than a constant annoyance. When the weather gets better, it’s time to pack up and move to somewhere on the other side of the bridge where the brunch is better, the rent is cheaper and the streets are quieter.

My World View

3. Stretch Time

Having practiced yoga on and off for many years, I tend to get into it head-first and then drop it a few months later for one reason or another. At times it’s difficult to push myself to get to class but once I’m there I always feel both phenomenal and peaceful. Committing myself to one class per week sounds like a reasonable compromise.

Wide Open Space

4. Pack My Bags

Last year marked the first time I’d ever taken any kind of epic holiday and 2011 will be no exception. In the spring, the plan is to escape April showers in exchange for 32 degrees in sunny Mexico. This fall I’m hopping a plane to JFK airport once again to watch the leaves change colour in Central Park, feel the rumble of the subway and sip lattes on chilly Autumn sidewalks in New York City.

5. Blogging On My Terms

More often than not, maintaining a blog can easily slip into the category of “chore” rather than “hobby”. Writing creatively about things that interest me or invoke some passion is something I will never tire of, so I’ve decided that this year I will blog only on my own terms. Rather than pursuing stories, leads or ideas, I’m going to let the content come to me.


6. Mo’ Money, Mo’ Savings

Over the past handful of years, I’ve been so focused on getting rid of student loan debt that I’ve neglected equally important financial decisions like RRSPs and a tax-free savings account. Being financially independent is being financially responsible and relying on “someday” and “what if” does no one any good.

William Lyon Mackenzie King: Money Man

7. Stand Tall

At nearly 5’9″, I tend to slouch a lot. My back has never been the strongest part of my body, and probably more than any other endeavour on this list, I want need to stay focused on proper posture. This includes keeping my shoulders back, sitting up straight, not crossing my legs and making sure my feet are squared off when walking.

Ever notice how, in yoga, you’re expected to keep your feet squared when in poses? It’s what’s best for the connection between your back, hips, legs and feet alignment. I dare you to try it.


8. Flip The Page

If you’re like me, you read in spurts. Two or three books in a short period of time and then nothing at all for months. I enjoy reading, love the way book collections look on shelves and constantly wish I made time to read more often than I do. If I could average getting through a new book every other month, I’d feel like much less of a slacker in this realm.

Monday Afternoon
Photo: Tempest Kat on Flickr

It’s said that making your so-called resolutions known will help you stick to them. Since it seems that that’s likely true, you tell me: what are some of your try-hards for 2011?

Contest: Win a pair of tickets to Taste BC 2011 on January 18, 2010 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Enter here.

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6 Comments on “The 2011 List Of Try-Hards

  1. Eating better for sure, I have picked up some bad eating habits since I started school again, and I need to remedy that. Getting back to writing as well. Not much other than that, school/work takes up all my time :)

  2. Going to concentrate on my overall health…eating better and more exercise, reduce stress, and take more me time.

  3. There’s a yoga website called which I use on a regular basis. They have free weekly classes streaming on their website which range from beginner to advanced level. It makes a great supplement to real-life classes, and rather than make up my own practice at home I usually load up one of the videos on my laptop so that I push myself harder and do a full hour of practice.

    Since starting yoga 5 years ago I’ve noticed huge improvements in my posture while sitting, and, weirdly, with my circulation (no more cold hands and feet when sitting still).

  4. I quite like living in Fairview area. It’s close to downtown so I can easily get over there if I want to. :)

  5. Taking the train is pretty nice because it means I get a chance to read regularly. Just finishing up Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series now :)

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