Tofino Is Getting Set For Its First Brewery

Soon the Island’s West Coasters will have a beer that they can call their very own. Tofino Brewing Company – a three-man team getting set to bring craft brews to the surf town – will be opening their doors in the very near future.

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Photo: Nicole Cho on Flickr

Tofino Brewing Company is looking forward to bringing a freshness to the brewery scene that only Tofino can create. David Woodward, who has gained a reputation in the brewery community with his work at Whistler Brewhouse, specializes in ales and has a few planned for the official launch. While my man on the inside couldn’t give me an exact opening date, I have no doubt that this will be a welcome and delicious addition to the budding culinary scene on the West Coast.

You can find Tofino Brewing Company on their website and on Facebook. To stay up-to-date with their latest information, you can also follow Tofino Brewing Company on Twitter.

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  1. An opening of brewery is always good news. Too bad I can’t sample their wares. Please post a review of the brew once u have had some to taste.

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