How Much Is That Puppy In The Window?

After the holidays last year, my family decided that we would not be buying each other Christmas gifts this year. We’re all adults and the exchanging of copious amounts of gifts only causes us to lose the true meaning of the Christmas season. I’d rather lay around in my pajamas, stuff my face with food and spend genuine quality time with the people that I love more than anything else.

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That said, I do understand that gift giving is a huge component of the holiday season. Because she’s still a toddler and has many years ahead of her before the Santa illusion fades, my niece will definitely be getting spoiled! One thing she won’t be getting is a puppy. It isn’t because she rips around the house like hell on wheels, chasing Jordy and trying to grab at his fur. It’s because I don’t want any puppy to end up like Wesley.

Last year Wesley was purchased as a gift for the holidays before being surrendered at the BC-SPCA only days later. Thankfully Wesley was adopted out in a short period of time, but there are countless other animals that weren’t as fortunate. Owning a pet – any pet – takes a great deal of time, dedication, patience and even money. Jordy costs me between $50-100 every single month.

On November 9, 2010, city council in Richmond, BC became the first jurisdiction in all of Canada to ban the sale of puppies in pet stores. This decision should be applauded and was made after city council received numerous complaints about the link between backyard breeders and pet stores. The Canadian Kennel Club prohibits registered dog breeders from selling to pet stores, so that cute little puppy you spotted in the window came from none other than a puppy mill. [source]

    The Oprah Winfrey Show – Exposing Puppy Mills

This Christmas season, I urge you not to gift animals as gifts in the first place. If you and your family have decided together to bring an animal into your home to improve its quality of life, please choose the SPCA or another reputable rescue group to adopt from.

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  1. “How much do I loooove my lovely Keir-aaaa, lalala!” Excellent post, everyone at the SPCA thanks you my dear :)

  2. Wonderful post. I’d also like to add that bunnies should not be purchased to “celebrate” Easter! A pet should NEVER be a surprise gift, even if the recipient has expressly said on many occasions that they’ve always wanted a certain breed of dog, for example. Each and every animal has a unique personality, just like people, and one or more face-to-face meetings with a potential pet should take place before they are even brought into the home. Just because a certain breed is generally known to be calm doesn’t mean that each and every pup of that breed is that way. And kudos to all the animal rescue organizations out there :)

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