Casual Fridays

For a week that seemingly started out slowly, it’s hard to believe that Friday is already here. And, if you ask me, it couldn’t come a moment sooner. I love my job, but I work to live and not the other way around. Time off to spend with friends and just on my oddy knocky is invaluable. While I make sure to make way for down time, weekends are always the perfect opportunity to do things you can’t seem to find the time for during the week.

This evening I’m kicking things off with a doggy meet-up at one of Jordy’s favourite dog shops, followed by a Stella beer pouring competition at which Rebecca will be judging. Saturdays are always reserved primarily for a greasy diner brunch and I’m hoping to catch a matinee of Easy A in the afternoon. While I’m not normally one for teen comedies, rumour has it that Malcolm McDowell plays the school principal.

Retail Therapy

Being that it’s the end of the week, my office normally has some Friday traditions. We each take turns bringing treats in for everyone to share, but even better, everyone’s permitted to dress casually. Jeans, boots and sweaters are my life at this time of year, so I welcome Casual Fridays with open arms.

Recently I cashed in some Air Miles in exchange for gift certificates and enjoyed a little bit of retail therapy yesterday after work. Roots will always get my vote when it comes to comfy clothes like organic cotton tees, jogging pants and leg warmers. I grabbed this tunic tee and some studded earrings because you can’t go wrong with basics. Banana Republic recently distributed discount coupons, and when I tried on these denim trousers (beyond perfect for maintaining a bit of sophistication on Casual Fridays), I was sold. I can’t believe I’ve never given their denim a chance before because these jeans are beyond comfortable and with a flattering design. Lastly, the AE Boyfriend blazer. It speaks volumes for itself.

With rain on the way and less than a week until fall, what do you plan on doing with the last weekend of summer 2010?

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5 Comments on “Casual Fridays

  1. I am going back to NS to visit my folks. Looking forward to enjoying REAL Fall weather back on the East Coast! 😀

  2. We’re moving into our new cozy condo, and getting married.. and spending some MUCH needed time at the Parkside hotel in Victoria.

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