Hack Attack

There are times when managing a blog seems as treacherous as one of Indiana Jones’ expeditions. Pitfalls and traps are ready to ensnare you if you’re not careful, and one wrong move can land you in a slithering snake pit. Or, as it was in my case, a worm pit.

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Last week my blog fell victim to a pharma hack – essentially a hacker left a worm somewhere in my complicated blog code through my server and let that worm hatch wherever it wanted, slowly infecting my blog post by post. Before I go any further, the worm was never a threat to the computers of those who read my blog during the hack. What the worm did do, however, was change my post titles to pharmaceutical offers in Google or other search engines.

Much to my relief, the pharma hack was stopped dead in its tracks and cleaned up spic and span thanks to the supremely skilled folks at sixty4media. I can’t say I didn’t succumb to a brief meltdown or two, but they took care of everything and made sure my blog was sailing as smoothly as possible. I’m looking forward to leaving Keira-anne.com solely in sixty4media’s capable hands from here out. You can check out their comprehensive services online and follow their updates on Twitter.

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  1. I try to back up my site on a weekly basis just in case of stuff like that. I’ve been pretty lucky so far withe wordpress, but I am constantly on the lookout for random weirdness….(sounds like my life in general)
    Great site fellow Islander!

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