What Says “Vancouver Island” To You?

After having written around and about Vancouver Island for several years, and with a design that is as old as my URL, I’m long overdue for a change. I’ve scoped out various design ideas that are appealing and have settled on minimalism with a punch. What I can’t decide, however, is what that punch will look like.

Chesterman Kay

What I’m looking for is a graphic that truly represents all that is Vancouver Island. I’ve considered ocean waves, forest trees, seashells and a few similar symbols, but it’s certainly been hard to pin one down without getting too cliché. To define the Island in an idea or two has proven to be quite the task! That said, I’ve decided to turn to my readers for some assistance.

    When you think of Vancouver Island on the whole, what do you visualize? What does the Island symbolize for you?

If you’ve got some ideas, feel free to share them below. And further, if you have experience in slick graphic design, I want to hear from you also!

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3 Comments on “What Says “Vancouver Island” To You?

  1. Quite simply – ‘Escape’!

    Vancouver Island is magical; really special! You have talked previously about how going home there allows you to breathe and relax from the City.

    How you relate that graphically I am not sure…..perhaps it should be about colour, mood and sound rather than just images. That said, the photos that you choose to illustrate your narrative are out of this world!

    A suggestion – driftwood from a beach (Tofino).

  2. I know you want to maintain a minimalist design, but what about a banner that includes some type of collage? Vancouver Island is amazing for so many different reasons that selecting one image seems impossible!

    However, if you do settle on one picture, I would suggest an image that captures what you love most about the island. For me that would be a combination of lush forest foliage and the ocean.

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