Island Profile: Summer 2010 Farewell

Fall is undoubtedly my favourite season of the year. What’s not to love about crisp air, turning leaves, hug-able mugs of tea and gorgeous autumn sunsets? That’s not to say that summer isn’t a spectacular time of year on Vancouver Island, and 2010 was certainly no exception. As we look to a new season, I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at the stunningly sunny months that were.

Vancouver's Gulf Islands 2010

Photo: Gord McKenna on Flickr

China Beach: rocks
Photo: hradcanska on Flickr

Day 158 / 365 - Victoria, BC June 2010
Photo: anitakhart on Flickr

Morden Colliery
Photo: popejon2 on Flickr

Surfin' in Tofino
Photo: ai.dan on Flickr

ParadiseMeadows Cathedral Grove
Photos: Garry Zeweniuk on Flickr; Stephen Rees on Flickr

Natalie Lucier Kayaking around Vancouver Island
Photo: natalielucier on Flickr

Photo: concrete_jungler101 on Flickr

Butchart Gardens
Photo: Tequila Partners on Flickr

Oyster River Bridge
Photo: cmh2315fl on Flickr

Photo: jmj2001 on Flickr

Photo: VIDYO on Flickr

Photo: No More Bike Lanes Please on Flickr

Photo: RyAwesome on Flickr

nn21 Victoria, BC June 2010
Photos: vikapproved on Flickr; anitakhart on Flickr

McLean Lumber Mill
Photo: ingoism on Flickr

Empress Hotel, Victoria, BC
Photo: jfew on Flickr

Whale Watching 17
Photo: mariskar on Flickr

Break dancing at Johnson Street Festival - Victoria, BC
Photo: jcolman on Flickr

Photo: Eyestalk on Flickr

Finding Mark
Photo: Feet wet on Flickr

Photo: The Dilly Lama on Flickr

Fresh off the boat
Photo: randomidea on Flickr

Moon over Mackenzie Beach 2
Photo: Feet wet on Flickr

If there’s a community or Island-based company you’d like to see featured in Island Profile, please feel free to contact me directly with your ideas.

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