Island Profile: Filberg Festival [Photos]

If there’s one thing that would make Etsy better it would be the ability to see, smell, feel and admire all the fine finds in person. That’s precisely the beauty in the annual Filberg Festival at Filberg Lodge and Park in Comox, British Columbia.

Opening its gates every BC Day long weekend, this year’s event was flooded with lots of sunshine and warmth. I spent a day wandering the flora and fauna with my mom, admiring everything from handmade soaps and organic cotton skirts to one-of-a-kind paintings and covet-worthy collections of pottery.



One particular vendor that caught my eye at this year’s event was Gord Langston. This Sidney-based sculptor works with almost anything he can get his hands on – particularly scrap metals.


His recycled metal art boasts cow bells made from fire extinguishers, garden decor crafted from once-loved eating utensils and drawer pulls shaped from junkyard scraps. The showstopper of his collection was undoubtedly this reflective eagle, cast in deep tones with exquisite detail.

Eagle Wing

Bumble Bees

Filberg Park

The incredible crafts on hand aren’t the only thing awe-inspiring. Filberg Park is situated directly on the water, enhanced by spectacular views of Vancouver Island’s mountain range and the Comox Glacier.

Comox Valley Glacier


It’s impossible not to indulge yourself in one or three things, but with my bank account still recovering from New York City, I showed some restraint. I’ve long marveled at Sarah Jane’s StixNStones, envying girls who can toss their hair up with a Bic pen in the flick of a wrist. My hair’s incredibly slippery, so I was convinced that the hair sticks weren’t for me. With just 30 seconds of instruction, Sarah Jane showed me how to twist and roll like the best of ’em and I’m now inseparable with my hair stick. I only wish I’d bought a few.

(The website is currently being built, but you can still click over there for photos of her creations. Send a quick e-mail if you want to order a few of your own – something I’d highly suggest, ladies.)


Filberg Festival

A large roster of talented musicians was also on hand to keep everyone entertained, but we unfortunately didn’t have the time to check out any of the listed acts. However, sipping cherry lemonade is the perfect excuse to make a quick stop and smell the flowers.

Bumble Bee

Nodar's Spirit

Each year the Filberg Festival shines the spotlight on a guest artist. This year Canadian artist MONK shared her stunning West Coast paintings with the crowd, pieces that dance in dreamy watercolours.

2010 marked the first year that a guest artist encouraged attendees to create art of their own. The lush greens of Cathedral Grove were open for embellishment in a collaborative tribute to fallen Olympic athlete, Nodar Kumaritashvili of Georgia. Budding artists could add a personal touch to the painting which will be presented as a gift to the people of Nodar’s home country.

Nodar's Spirit

For more information on the annual Filberg Festival, and to stay in the loop for tickets prior to next year’s extravaganza, visit the Filberg Festival’s official website.

I’m once again fundraising for the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause, aiming to raise $2,000 by September 12, 2010. As of today, I’ve already reached 25% of my goal and have less than a month left! Please consider donating to my effort and support this worthwhile cause.

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4 Comments on “Island Profile: Filberg Festival [Photos]

  1. A ‘must go’ every year! Favorite year was when Bruce Cockburn played :)

  2. Grrr, Gord Langston copied my sculpture. I made an eagle in high school, metal art class that looked quite a bit like his only my ‘feathers’ covered the head too. This was back in 1976 so I’m pretty sure I was first. (I got an ‘A’ in that class) :-)

    One day I will get back into making art again, using the thousands of bike parts I have been saving for some reason… then, move over Gord.

  3. Sorry Biker but I didn’t copy your eagle…would be kinda hard too since I didn’t even go to school here and graduated in 1969…Hope you do get back into art again.

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