43 – The number of chihuahuas abandoned at a Victoria-area SPCA last week. [source]

1 – The number of suspects arrested and charged under BC law for tying up and dragging a dog behind a truck in June. [source]

40,000 – The minimum number of wild, domestic and farm animals the BC SPCA rescues each year.

1.3 – The percentage of the BC SPCA’s annual costs that are covered by the government.

98.7 – The percentage of the BC SPCA’s annual costs that rely on charitable donations from people like you.

2,000 – The dollar amount of my personal fundraising goal for the 2010 Paws For a Cause campaign.

400 – The dollar amount I’ve personally raised to date.

30 – The number of days left to raise funds.

20 – The minimum donation amount required to receive a tax receipt.

2 – The number of toonies needed to pay for your morning latte and muffin.

6 – The number of puppies your latte and muffin money could feed instead.

– How much I’ll love you (or your company/business) for donating to the BC SPCA.

Please donate today.

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