Love The Skin You’re In

At the end of a brief doctor’s appointment yesterday, the conversation between my doctor and I turned to my epidermis. After a quick examination of my face, she commented that my skin was looking very healthy and asked if I use sunblock each day. “Yep, SPF 50 every day,” I answered. She laughed and I added that “I make a point of nagging my friends into using it too!”

Her smile disappeared and she said “well, you should probably share with them that they wouldn’t believe how many of my patients I’ve been seeing and diagnosing with skin cancer these days.”

In all seriousness, our skin’s wellness isn’t something we should be taking lightly. We eat right to stay healthy, exercise to stay fit and firm, take vitamins to ensure we’re getting out daily fill and wash our hands to avoid the flu at all costs. So why won’t we do the same for our skin?

I can’t deny that in my early 20s I would visit a tanning booth once in a while or ditch sunscreen for tanning oil. But that was then and this is now and I have come to the obvious conclusion that the health of my skin is important. Beyond the risk of skin cancer, damage to the skin is not reversible and once the sags and spots appear, there’s no turning back. And besides, what I look like in a bikini at age 50 is largely dependent on how I treat myself and my skin in a bikini today. I can be Helen Mirren or I can be Donatella Versace. It’s a no-brainer.

This is now my "Signature Shot."

I get it. Sometimes a little bit of tone does look a bit better than the Casper the Ghost-like skin I’m usually rocking. Self tanning products have come a long, long way, my friends, and provide a deep and natural glow – often with a coconut kick. My personal favourite is Clinique’s Self Sun Body Daily Moisturizer for yummy colour. That said, you’re all out of excuses, so take care of yourself and your skin. Every day.

You’re worth it.

With the August long weekend only two sleeps away and temperatures maintaining skyrocketed levels, now is a better time than any to stay protected. While you’re at it, don’t forget to stay hydrated, stay cool and leave your pets at home. Temperatures inside your vehicle can reach 45+ degrees in only minutes and your canine companion can sustain permanent brain damage in as little as 20 minutes. For more tips on how to keep your fur baby cool during these hot, hot days, refer back to my summary from last year.

I’m once again fundraising for the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause, aiming to raise $2,000 by September. As of today, I’ve already reached 19% of my goal and have 40-something days left! Please consider donating to my effort and support this worthwhile cause.

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4 Comments on “Love The Skin You’re In

  1. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t put on the sunscreen on a daily basis – I typically don’t even think about it unless I know my intention is to be outdoors for a lengthy period of time. Unfortunately, I do find myself outdoors unexpectedly and then think to myself “Boy, I’m sure gonna burn.” It also doesn’t help that I have my mother’s fair skin (although I turn dark like my father when I do tan).

  2. Dove makes a WONDERFUL 100+ SPF sunscreen. As a super-fair-skinned fellow, this stuff is a lifesaver. On ummm last Friday, I was in West Virginia in the blazing sun for several hours. That Dove sunscreen worked like a complete charm – not a single burn anywhere (admittedly I practically bathe in the stuff).

  3. I definitely slather on the sunscreen when I’m going to be out for an afternoon – I’d like to have skin that ages gracefully, too! But I’ve been reading lately from several sources that it may not be a good idea to constantly use sunscreen because it blocks vitamin D absorption. 90% of our vitamin D comes from the sun and sunscreen also reduces our ability to absorb it. Of course, one could always take supplements, but considering the minimal amount of time I spend out in the sun on a daily basis, it seems sensible to enjoy 20 minutes or so of exposure without sunscreen and get my vitamin D. Here’s one link about this subject:

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