Simple Summer Style

Truth be told, I was never much of a fan of dressing for the hot months. Jeans, boots and cozy sweaters have always been more my thing, but lately I’ve been embracing Summer-savvy style. The vibrancy of sunshine and blue skies is the perfect excuse to unleash splashy colour, while wearing less clothing leaves room for more accessories.

While I’m holding tight to a budget and saving most of my clothing cash for Fall and Winter, I could help but add a few essentials to my warm weather wardrobe on my recent trip to New York City.

The one must-have item that I didn’t want to be without was a romper and it was instant love when I found this silk-blend one-piece at Diane von Furstenberg’s studio flagship. The psychedelic tribal design caught me – hook, line and sinker. I wasted no time in wearing it while out and about in the city that never sleeps.

Sunglasses are a no-brainer and in more ways than one. Often times I’m mindless when it comes to sunnies and end up losing them in no time, so it’s one accessory that I don’t invest a lot of money in. $10 aviators from H&M do the trick and are essential for the beach. Swimwear is easy to stock up on without damaging my wallet, so when I found this nearly neon ruffled bikini at Victoria’s Secret for the price of a couple deluxe cocktails, I couldn’t refuse.

Canada’s best-kept fashion secret isn’t so secret anymore because Joe Fresh is graduating from Superstore and moving into it’s very own department store in downtown Vancouver this September [source]. These cork-soled sandals set me back $9 last summer, so stocking up on two pairs made the most sense. I’m a big fan of the gladiator sandal trend, but simple will go much further than elaborate in terms of design and versatility.

Jewelry is another accessory element that can’t be overlooked. I snagged this ring, also from H&M, for $3.95. Frappuccinos cost more.

I’m starting to sense a colour theme here…

I’m a big bag girl. Yes, I’m big on bags generally, but what I really mean is that I need room to play. Small handbags and clutches have their time and place, but I need the ability and space to toss some extras in when the occasion calls for it. This Summer I’ll be switching between this berry-coloured Marc by Marc Jacobs hobo that I found in Arizona with its price slashed by 90%. Yup, 90%. My other go-to carry-all is also brought to you by the fine folks at Joe Fresh for a whopping $5.

Just because it’s the off season doesn’t mean I can’t and shouldn’t represent. I was blown away by the two-storey NBA Store on 5th Avenue and picked up this vintage Phoenix Suns tee for me and a Steve Nash toddler tee for my niece. That little girl’s got too much Canucks gear.


Summer Colours

My plans for the coming weekend included a mani/pedi until I weighed out the options. Shell out $50 for a once-in-a-while luxury or spend a fraction of that for new colours that will last all season long? The answer is obvious. From left to right I’d like you to meet Brisk Blue, Mango-Get-Em and Lickity Split.

Crown braids started to trend last summer and they haven’t lost any steam. It’s an easy way to keep my hair off my face while showing a little attention to detail. The same attention to detail can be said for this sweet, strappy and silky Quiksilver Women slip dress. The neck tie-up slays me.

Always one of the last and never one of the least is my pièce de résistance. I stalked it online, admired it from afar and gazed longingly at photos of it for months. The maxi dress is as crucial as they come for easy and effortless style while remaining entirely comfortable in the heat of July.

The Vertias maxi dress, also from DvF, is charged with romantic details and thoughtful design. The slight hem lift in the front allows the gown to bustle and flow rather than create the billowing effect that most maxi dresses fall victim to.

I bit my lip while trying to decide between the maxi dress and the romper, even though I knew they’d both be practical and that I’d wear each item a lot over the coming months. However, it was Rebecca who tipped the scales for me.

How often are you in New York City, in the Meatpacking District, at your favourite designer’s studio?” she asked. Good point.

No matter what you find yourself wearing – or not wearing – over the coming months, there’s one item no one should be without. Sunblock is your best friend. Practice safe sun because, though her designs are legendary, no one actually wants to look like Donatella Versace when they’re 55.

You tell me: what are your summer must-haves? Wish list items? Which items will you be stocking up on for Summertime?

I’m once again fundraising for the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause, aiming to raise $2,000 by September. Please consider donating to my effort and support this worthwhile cause.

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3 Comments on “Simple Summer Style

  1. Ah to be young again and able to wear those styles! Love the new additions to your wardrobe especially the Quicksilver dress :)

  2. “How often are you in New York City, in the Meatpacking District, at your favourite designer’s studio?” Haha I love that! So so true!

    I love all your summer pieces! I really want a romper, but every one I have ever tried on does not look good on me. I think it might be my long waist, it makes me look like I’m wearing some sort of cut off condom. Haha. That what I think about every time I try one on. I guess I’m just not meant to romp.

  3. Yay! I’m so glad you finally put up this post! All your purchases are just gorgeous.

    The DvF green dress is just amazinggggggggg. Hopefully we’ll grab some drinks on a patio soon :)

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