I Am What I Eat

When I’m not making the conscious decision to eat healthy food, it takes very little time for the habit to catch up on me. Believe me – few things go down as easy as a PayDay bar, a piping hot Americano or a bowlful of sour cream and onion potato chips. However, within a week or two – and sometimes just days – the effects of my poor eating choices start to stare at me in the face… literally.



The first tell-tale evidence is my skin. It’s not as soft and moisturized as normal, instead feeling oily and appearing entirely lacklustre. Going make up-free is most definitely no longer an option.

Second to the skin is fatigue. The psychological cause-and-effect of eating well translating into feeling well becomes crushed by the crash of sugary treats. And further, my body starts to feel squishy and bloated.

I recently found an article outlining some of the problems with processed foods and the benefits of giving them the boot. I know from experience that, once I’m able to bust through the bad habits that build up, my body rebounds in huge and healthy ways. Hair and skin glow, energy levels rocket through the roof, muscle tone becomes more apparent and I become mindful of what I put in my body.

The hard part is sticking to it for long periods of time – particularly because I’m always on the go. Meals for one can quickly become lazy and uninspired and I am normally clueless as to what to do with any and all leftover ingredients. British Columbia is abundant with tons of fresh, local food and finding healthy (and often organic) eating choices is a cinch. Between sustainable farmers’ markets and health-conscious grocery stores, this really shouldn’t be a difficult endeavour for me, but it is.

Your turn: What are some of your favourite on-the-go recipes that are both healthy and delicious? What helps you stay focused on healthy eating habits – or getting back on track?

I’m once again fundraising for the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause, aiming to raise $2,000 by September. Please consider donating to support this worthwhile cause.

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5 Comments on “I Am What I Eat

  1. i try and eat a salad a day – you can’t go wrong with it being unhealthy if it’s all whole and organic foods. i also stay away from those vegetarian prepared meals as much as i can – and cook with whole ingredients. even a handful of nuts, or a piece of fruit – easy, zero prep, and tasty as all get out (especially when things are in season).

  2. I try to keep dinner balanced….a lean protein, vegetables or salad and a carb…preferably whole grain or if my salad has fruit…no pasta etc. I cook with olive oil and stay away from heavy sauces.

  3. For me, my on-the-go snack is simple: dry roasted almonds, dried prunes and water. Before you think “gross….prunes” hear me out: they naturally flush your body out (hello fibre!), are good for raising your iron levels and they are high in antioxidants!

    Mmmm, Imma gonna get my snack on right now!

  4. i have a 32oz water bottle i fill and try and drink at least once a day. i am terrible when it comes to staying hydrated, and i definitely notice it in my skin.

    i eat a lot of oranges. they’re good and really filling.

  5. Since discovering the abundance of fresh produce markets in this city, I have been experimenting salad recipes. It takes no time to slice up some veggies toss in some olive oil and lemon juice and be good to go. My favorite so far is a Greek salad with goat feat cheese – so delicious!

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