$100 Gift Card Giveaway

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered to win a $100 gift card from myself and Mark’s Work Wearhouse. There were 116 entries in the contest and, after assigning everyone a number and picking one at random, the winner is @adriennejackson on Twitter! Congratulations, Adrienne! Please send me an e-mail with your mailing address so I can pop the gift card in the mail and send it your way.

Cute shoes, right?


They’re comfortable too…


You’ll never guess where I got them from.


When I was recently invited by Mark’s Work Wearhouse to get acquainted with their new Spring and Summer collection, I was intrigued. I’ve always associated MWW with industrial wear for men and women – and socks. Lots of socks.

Clearly I was wrong, as I soon discovered that MWW has emerged as a supplier of clothing for everything from the construction site to the office to summer evenings on the beach. A key component to their designs is functional fashion. Easy to wear, relaxed structure, soft fabrics and – most surprisingly to me – great style. In addition to these fun cork wedges, I picked up a light-weight cardigan, a breezy summer top and a camisole with a built-in bra in a tasty shade of melon.

The awesome people at Mark’s Work Wearhouse want to give one lucky reader the chance to pick up some Spring and Summer wear for themselves. I have one gift card worth $100 that can be used at any Mark’s Work Wearhouse store across Canada for men’s or women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Winning is easy. Simply leave a comment below or Tweet the following on your Twitter account:

I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse @MarksWW http://ht.ly/1J7M1

Everyone who both comments and Tweets has their name in the draw for two entries. The contest is open until midnight on Saturday, May 29, 2010 – I’ll be drawing the winner on Sunday, May 30. Good luck!

*Disclaimer: I was not paid or asked to write this post or hold this contest. However, I received the clothing and the $100 gift card at no expense to me.

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78 Comments on “$100 Gift Card Giveaway

  1. Oh this is awesome!! I don’t tweet, but maybe I’ll have to start, and maybe I’ll have to get Shawn to start too!!
    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  2. hello!!!! I always got the camping gumboots there! Great little idea!!

  3. I agree!I have also recently discovered some fun finds at MWW.

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  4. Every time I pick up a MWW flyer, I always tell myself I NEED to go there, they have cute little dresses with built-in bras(which I desperately need), and yes, the shoes also rock! flats and wedges. If you give me the gift card, I will actually have an excuse to go there, other than for work socks for my hubby…..pick me!!!!

  5. Love the shoes Keira!! I never knew MWW had that kind of good stuff…I always associated it with industiral stuff too!! pick me…pick me!

  6. I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse!

  7. Nice — great idea, Keira-Anne : ) Thanks for the post and I’m so glad you had a good time at the event!

    Rayanne Langdon — High Road Communications (on behalf of Mark’s)

  8. let’s hope creeping finally pays off!

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse http://ht.ly/1J7M1

    oh, wait, I need to win a $100 gift card. yes.

  9. Yes, they do have great shoes!

    I really like their dresses with built-in bras… so nice not to have brastraps showing! I hope they come out with some “current” prints this year… last years were a little… um… dated.

  10. I agree,Marks Work Wearhouse has some great finds! I would love to win this giftcard!

  11. I’ve only been to MWW a couple of times but found they have lots of cute and reasonably priced items for women. Love those shoes – nice colour and appear to be very light. If I win the $100 GC I will certainly pick up a pair!

  12. I want those shoes! I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse.

  13. Those are some pretty summer shoes and I’d love t win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse

  14. I’d love to win the gift card – I really need some clothes for an upcoming trip! Thanks for hosting this contest!

  15. I love Marks Work Wearhouse! The women’s “dressing for the office ” clothes are comfortable, stylish, durable and best of all most require NO ironing:)
    I would love to win a $100 gift card for Mark’s Work Wearhouse.
    Thanks Keira for hosting this contest.

  16. Marks has comfortable clothing for both men and women. And yes, no ironing is a bonus for busy women. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  17. awesome.. i could really use some new summer clothes

  18. I love the shoes! I haven’t been at MMW for awhile…didn’t realize they carried great stuff like this! Awesome! thanks for the great contest!

  19. Great shoes! I’ll have to make sure I check out MWW on my next shopping trip! Thank you for the contest! :)

  20. I love Mark’s Work Wearhouse for their hands down quality and style!!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway opportunity :)

  21. I would love to freshen up my closet with a $100 Marks gift card thanks for putting on the giveaway

  22. I would love to win 100 bux to use at MWW…….pls pick me pls pick me!!!LOL…thx.

  23. It’s been a long time since I was in a MWW, this is good news to me, I’d love to win if not for myself then for Brian who always needs some new shoes.

  24. Those are super cute!! I’d love to win a $100 Mark’s Card! They have lots of great things there!

  25. they do have some cute clothes – but my hubby is a contractor, so nothing beats a good ol’ pair of carharts when shopping at mww.

  26. Wow! Never knew either! Cool!!! That will definitely make me shop there more! I need a makeover – have a new job and going through a divorce so need something to cheer me up!! :) :)

  27. I love Marks! Every time I peruse their flyer the product just gets cuter and cuter.
    I would love to win a $100 gift card from keira-anne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse!!

  28. Well I love Marks! I would love to find some shoes there for Amanda’s wedding.
    Thank you,

  29. Holy those shoes are actually super cute. I only ever went there for my work boots haha, but I have seen the occasional cute cardigan or t-shirt in there. I definitely didn’t know they sold cute little shoes though.

  30. Uh I would love this – the first thing I would go buy is those shoes…Then maybe some socks for my husband 😉

  31. They really do have some great fashion finds don’t they! I love the shoes!!!

  32. Momma could use some new scrubs!!! I’d love to win k!

  33. You have to try on there jeans!! Love the shoes!!

  34. Every so often I’ll pop into MMW and am always pleased by their selection. Sign me up!

  35. Aw dang, I was going to use the MWW acronym but someone beat me to it, ha. I love when old stores reinvent themselves – change is good!

  36. Oh I entered!

    MWW seems to have more and more interesting things lately! I definitely could use the gift-card!

  37. The wife already has seen and wants those shoes, and as we live next door to a MWW it would be an eco-friendly trip :)

  38. love Marks thats where I get my steel toes for work 😀

  39. LOVE Marks – yet always forget to pop in. Those shoes are adorable!

  40. I discovered Marks Work Warehouse shoes last year and they are the most comfortable shoes in my closet. I keep checking back for new styles and designs…..love the sandals that you showcased! Thanks for the great opportunity to hopefully win the gift card!

  41. Looking forward to visiting Marks and checking out these fab shoes! I love shopping there each spring for my summer wear and these will be a great addition to my wardrobe.

  42. Mark’s sure has changed their clothing line over the years going from mostly work wear to adding a lot more trendy stuff! Awesome! Would love to wine the $100 gift card! :)

  43. I was totally surprised when I saw their flyer recently and it had some cute dresses, tanks and shorts.

  44. I’ve never been there, I should just go and check it out:)

  45. They have great jeans and dresses too – and great sale prices if you catch them.

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse @MarksWW http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  46. They have definitely changed their product line over the years…..

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse @MarksWW http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  47. I like Mark’s Work wearhouse because, Well I like the name.

  48. I have been curious about that place. Same here: I thought it was work clothes, etc. Now that I saw your pictures, I am surprised and excited. I would love to go to Mark’s now :).

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse @MarksWW http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  49. Found your site via HelloBC on FB via TweetDeck on Twitter – “Forget coffee. Start your morning with some fantastic #vancouverisland beach photos: http://bit.ly/cgJN9p RT @keiraanne @VisitQualicum”

    LOL … the power of social sites, eh?

  50. Love it, noticed last year when I went to get my work shoes they had more casual wear in.

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse @MarksWW http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  51. Have a FANTASTIC time in NYC!! I absolutely love that city!

  52. Those are really cute! I love how their line has changed over the years to incorporate more day to day (good quality) casual wear!

  53. They have great jeans and dresses too – and great sale prices if you catch them.

    I want to win a $100 gift card from @keiraanne and Mark’s Work Wearhouse @MarksWW http://ht.ly/1J7M1

  54. Love Marks W.W going to tweet now, Thanks!!

  55. Those shoes are adorable, I was just there today and saw some cute summer dresses too. Would love to win the $100 gift card….Thanks!

  56. I love Mark’s Work Wearhouse, their jeans have the best fit.

  57. Okay, I finally got around to this … thank goodness you have that handy reminder on your posts! 😉

    PS – I picked up some rain pants for biking at Mark’s this past weekend and they got my butt into work nice and dry. On sale, too!

  58. I have picked up some great finds at MWW. Love the tops with the built in bra.
    So glad I found your blog. Rebecca introduced me to you at the GrapeJuice wine auction. Your photos of NYC are AMAZING!

  59. Ohh… $100 from Mark’s would get me some new summer goodies…