Month: May 2010

Visiting New York City

Visiting New York City was a trip to the concrete jungle of my dreams. Almost all my life, I’ve had ideals and expectations about what I thought visiting New York City would be like. Four full days into… Read More

Go East, Young Lady

An occasion such as this one called for a big, borrowed suitcase. My darling Pepper’s 29-inch upright is loaded with five pairs of shoes, three handbags, tops, bottoms, under tops, under bottoms and is still barely 2/3 full…. Read More

Island Profile: Beaches

Hugged by the mighty ocean on all sides, it’s not difficult to find a Vancouver Island shoreline worthy of stealing your breath. Though the salt water is the same no matter where you find yourself on the Island,… Read More

Love A Bull

To announce that I love dogs would be stating the obvious, so let me begin by saying that my love of dogs doesn’t discriminate. While I’m often wary of people, there isn’t a dog I won’t approach for… Read More

Comox Valley Shellfish Festival

One of my best camping memories from childhood involved wandering the beach at Whaling Station Bay on Hornby Island, collecting oysters and bringing them back to the campsite. My family and I would cook them over the campfire… Read More