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If I’m honest with myself, there are very few experiences in life I’d do differently if given the opportunity. Some are minor blips and some adventures can only be described as memorably epic. Even wine-induced shenanigans with girlfriends are almost always worth the less-than-stellar feeling the morning after.

It’s the little stepping stones along the way that have created my character. The people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, the bad days I’ve survived, the parties I wish I could forget and the scandalous parties I wished would never end… they’ve all been anthems for this girl. No single experience has epitomized me but I eagerly anticipate all the ones that are to come.

Gam Gals

As my life-long dream trip to New York City quickly approaches, I’m really excited to be capturing the journey not only through photos and memories, but also to immortalize the vacation with my brand new Flip MinoHD camera. Lucky for you I have an extra one to give away to a reader.

AXE has become synonymous for fixing guys up no matter what goes down each day. Their complete line of body washes and body sprays combine gentle ingredients with yummy scents to transform, revitalize and invigorate. Thanks to the great people at AXE, you’ve got a chance to win an armful of select products and your very own gorgeous Flip MinoHD camera – valued at $249.99!

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s your chance to capture your next wild time in HD video:

Leave a comment below and fill all of us in on the anthem of your life. It can be anything that caused a tidal wave of change for you – an event, a crazy party or even the big game you won.

Yes, it’s that simple. You can always check out the AXE Canada Anthem for a little bit of inspiration. The contest closes on Friday, April 30. I’ll choose one reader’s story at random and the Flip camera and AXE gear is theirs!

Disclaimer: I was not paid or obligated to hold this contest. I did, however, receive my Flip MinoHD camera at no cost. Chances of winning dependent on the number of entries.

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52 Comments on “Flip Camera And AXE Gear Giveaway

  1. I was living in Brazil, out visiting friends one night far from home. I waited at the bus stop late at night to head home. When the bus finally came, I climbed aboard. Hovering over the driver was this man, who was just staring at me. Thinking it must be because I’m a gringo, I thought nothing more of it. I sat down, and as soon as I did and the bus started moving again, the strange man at the front started yelling something I couldn’t understand. A second man ran up from the back of the bus with a crow-bar that must have been 5 feet long. He proceeded to pry open the cash safe at the turnstyle (cause that’s how buses in Brazil work). Money spilled out everywhere across the floor of the bus. The two men then proceeded to clean up the money. Then, flashing the gun, they directed the driver down a dark deserted street. The bus stopped, the two men jumped off, and the bus proceeded down it’s normal route as if nothing had happened. I arrived home no worse for the wear. But I realized, I am not the next action hero.

  2. Nothing prepares you for the love that a new child brings to your life. A baby that smiles at you in the blissful state of being able to totally and utterly rely on someone else. That baby will grow into an infant and then a toddler that will learn to say the cutest things and become a true reflection of their parents and their environment. What that toddler becomes a child that begins to take on the world – and succeeds beyond a parents wildest expectations, the feeling of pride makes your heart burst out of your chest. That Wave of goodness is unbelievable.

  3. Should I or should I not? The side of me that preferred comfort and non-stress screamed no, but I was curious … Finally, I agreed to that blind date. This was terrifying, out of character, what if he was an axe murder? These things happen right? But, it turned out to be the best date and best relationship I could possibly imagine. Sometimes it’s important to do something that scares you. Life’s too short.

  4. The craziest party I went to was when I won a trip to Miami from Axe 4 years ago, parties all weekend and open bars!!

  5. My biggest wave of change came in 2004. I had been laid off twice in the span of five months. I was getting quite bored of looking for a job in southern Ontario and decided for the first time to go on EI. I then decided it was time for a change and packed as much as I could fit in my 1982 Honda Accord and moved to Edmonton. Everyone always asked “Why Edmonton” and really it was just a dot on the map, I needed to get away! A year later I realized that Edmonton was not my cup of tea and made a mad dash for the coast. I have been living here for five years now. What a beautiful city. I tell myself the day I stop appreciating the mountains and ocean is the day I move back to Ontario.

  6. I spent a year living in Colombia, changed me for the better! What an amazing country! Also got me into Fonseca and Juanes, two great Colombian singers.

  7. When I was younger I always got bullied so one day when I was at my little brothers school I saw my little brother getting bullied and I went to stop it after that I asked my little brother why he hasn’t told anyone and he told me he was scared. I told him he should tell and this has to stop. Telling is the best so we can stop this problem. This made me realize some people don’t stand up for u and we as people should starting standing up for people. I mean my friends never helped me when I got bullied and neither my little brother

  8. It is always great to find a quotation that defines that way you have been living as opposed to the other way around.

    Never become so much of an expert that you stop gaining expertise. View life and work, as a continuous learning experience.

  9. I was on a caribbean cruise for new years 1999. That turned out to be a wild night.

  10. I corralled a bunch of my buddies for a weekend in Vegas. I was getting married soon, so I made that my bachelor weekend. I had them all wear nice suits for the Saturday night. Rather than be a bunch of frat boys drinking at the strip club, we went all out on a nice steak & lobster dinner, gambling at the casino, then a strip club, then a nightclub. The gambling worked out in spades because not only were a few of us up from playing card games, 3 of us just killed at the craps table, enough to pay for the whole trip for us 3, so because of that huge win, and we were 15 guys in suits, we got VIP treatment everywhere we went! We partied like rock stars at the nightclub and through the weekend!!

  11. Biggest wave of change happened earlier this year when I moved from Wales in the UK to BC. I went from living on my own with my old dog, to living with my new wife, two stepkids, a dog and two cats. Three months in, and I am still loving it. Must have taken hundreds of photos since coming here, so the flip would come in very handy.

  12. My anthem is, well, an actual anthem or song. The song is called “Fabulous, Baby” — it’s from the theatre show Sister Act, which I saw on a recent trip to London. Whenever I listen to it I get a diva attitude going and it brightens my day.

  13. Wow! Amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for even having a giveaway like this. My anthem of my life is when I graduated from grade 12 and it was graduation night! It was a wonderful, wild party and that was when I realized that I done it. I had survived high school and I was ready to tackle the challenges of university! I will never forget that night of celebration and awesome food. Seriously, you never forget graduation night. 😉

  14. After my middle brother graduated (I’m the youngest), I was the only kid at home. Made me become more independent and to figure out who I was, rather than being the kid brother. Began to try to leave my own mark on the world and the people around me.

  15. The wave that change me the most is my recent moving from Europe to Vancity !!! I have now friends from all over the world, a new boyfriend from another culture ! This is a great life experience, I know now I can be easily integrated in a new culture ^^

  16. I don’t know what a Flip MinoHD is just yet, I have recently clicked on the link and am waiting for my slow-ass Internet to produce the page, so in the meantime I figured I might as well contribute something or other.

    So… my anthem you request? I function well under spontaneity and with little planning and as a result have had many an interesting adventure throughout my life. There’s not really anything I fear – except for severe activities where, should anything mishap, I would suffer a painful death – so as a result I endure and with each hurdle I realize new levels to my resiliency.

    I’ve failed, overcome, resigned, died a little inside, laughed, lived, and celebrated… and suffered. There are too many moments to mention, I’d have to carry them over into my blog (that conveniently has been down for the last three days and has caused me a great deal of suffering… oh, I should add suffering up there).

    There we go.

    I think it’s important to take the time to reflect on life. Where we’ve come from, where we are, and where we’re going so this is a great idea – even if I don’t win!

    With that I will now visit the page to see exactly what I’ve just entered a contest for.

  17. When I was 18, I went to university, and it was really amazing. High school was not great for me–I had a small group of close friends, but I was by no means popular or one of the cool kids.
    When I got to university, I started meeting all kinds of really cool people–and they got me. And I got them! I thought, “these are my people!”
    One of my new friends was an actor, and suggested I go out and audition for the drama club. I’d never been on stage before, but I had always been curious about the theatre so I did, and by some miracle, scored a role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
    The night I went on stage for the first time I was so nervous, I was practically losing my lunch back stage. But somehow I went on, played my role. When I went out for the curtain call and got to stand there with a group of like-minded individuals with whom I had worked so hard to create this amazing piece of theatre, and felt the love of the applause, I was irrevocably hooked.
    That night I discovered my greatest passion in life, and I consider myself lucky. Lots of people go through life paying their dues, but they never really discover something that makes them tick. I did, and I get to make a living pursuing my passion every day.

  18. When I was 9 years old, I was in the school playground and while running, I was tripped by this big bully who then proceeded to point & laugh at my fallen figure. To make matters worse, my pants tore at the knee and I had some blood gushing. A kid my age, who I barely knew, came over, punched the bully in the stomach, gave me his hand and we both ran inside.

    A few days later, I saw this bully pushing the kid who helped me and the kid fell down on his behind and was crying. I sneaked up behind the bully and tapped his shoulder. When he turned, I punched him in the groin and while he doubled up in pain, the kid and I ran. When he thanked me, I realized a couple of things that would always stay with me forever: One good turn deserves another and that two good guys against a bigger bully evens the odds.

  19. Was in South Africa last september and as beautiful as it was it was also sad to see the tent city. Makes me happy for what I have.

  20. I won a 10-day cruise to Mexico on a local radio station. When the lady called me, I know I didn’t sound very enthusiastic because I was positive my husband would refuse to go. I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise; him, not so much! Anyway, they ended up calling the house and he answered. And he decided it would be fun! He even paid to upgrade to a balcony room! We had the time of our life on this cruise! And I learned that he’s more bark than bite when I mention something I want to do. He just requires a lot of begging, I guess before he “gives in.”

  21. Change is beautiful. After another breakup in a relationship, I’ve made significant goals for myself for 2010 and I’m working hard on achieving them. My anthem is: Change creates a kick ass life!!!

  22. Halifax is a small city. I felt that I ‘made it’ in Halifax: heaps of friends, good job, great school and a decent university lifestyle. I was offered a scholarship and an engineering job with a prestigious company there but felt like I was getting too comfortable without really knowing how I wanted to live my life. On a whim, I decided to apply to a different university across the country, put off studying for a year and board a plane to Australia with [very] little cash in my pocket. After earning some quick cash, I purchased a tent which became my home for approximately 3 months as I camped my way along the Eastern Coast. You learn a lot about yourself when you spend long portions of your days alone and wandering in a foreign country thousands of miles from the ones you love. You also learn how to take risks, think fast and how to set up a tent in the middle of a roaring thunderstorm. From this experience I learned that I can make it no matter where I go – I just have to be myself and the rest will follow.

    Whoa. That was soppy!

  23. D I V O R CE. An expensive, tragically glorious, one way ticket to happiness.

  24. When my daughter was born, I thought that I would explode with the amount of love I felt for her. She meant everything to me, and there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t feel overjoyed with the gift I had been given.
    At her ten month mark, I found out I was pregnant again. A wave of emotions followed me around for the next 9 months. Could I devide the amount of love I felt for her and give another child the same amount of love? It wasn’t possible, I was sure that I would never feel the same way about this new child, as I did with my little girl.
    I was so scared when I went into the hospital, not about pushing my 9 pound son out, but more about whether or not the love in my heart was big enough to share with another precious lifeforce.
    My question was answered the minute they lay my son in my arms…my heart had expanded to a size I wasn’t sure it was capable of, and I immidiately had more than enough love to share with this beautiful little person in my arms.
    It was silly of me to worry, because I know now that a mother’s love for her children runs deeper than the deepest ocean, and her heart is as big as the heavens.
    I will never again doubt the amount of love that one’s heart is capable of.

    I know it sounds cheesy, but it is absolutely the truth. A HUGE defining moment in my life!

  25. 2 years ago my ex fiance and I split up, at the time I was devastated and didnt know what I was going to do. How would I pay the bills and the mortgage. What was I going to do being alone? But here it is 2 years later and I am thriving I have learned new things about myself and I so thrilled we broke up, It was a toxic relationship that wasnt good for either of us and my life has its ups and downs and I have my lonely moments but its my best friend and her continuing support and love that has helped get me here! I will be 30 soon and I cant wait! My 20’s were a roller coaster ride and oooh baby here’s to some more tears and beers and chaos and all the fabulous things that are waiting for me

  26. I was at a party and i brought a dress to the party that i didn’t want anyone to see. so once more people started arriving, i assumed theyd go through my bags so i left in a hurry even though it wwas an important party.

  27. leaving my dashing fiance, having an unexpected media storm ensue and my life is completely different now and it hasn’t even been a year. i think i am a mess and i think i am ok. i burlesque dance now i bartend, i feel like i am actually living and present. it is sort of insane. i am definitely doing it anthem style right now. who’s with me?

  28. going to art school in the middle of nowhere for 2 years and finally figuring out who i am and where i’m going

  29. For me it was seeing a psychic. It reinforced my decision to take the path that I was scared to, but knew that I would benefit from the most. From that I learned how to listen to the most important opinion – my own.

  30. Afterhigh school (2000), I loved to Italy to gp to an art school. I specialized in drawing and sculpting. It was the most amazing and depressing year of my lif all wrapped into one. The placs I travelled to the culture I immersed myself in… the amazing works of art, history and architecture was absoluetly incredible. I fought my own personal demons, fought off loneliness from being so far from everything comfortable and familiar and most impotantly- challenged myself. .

    I was 17 and independant. I learned a another language fluently, I learned real art and formed bonds with so many from all over Europe that I hold close to my heart to this day. If there is an adventure my heart feels I should persue…alone or not..I dive head first, and I have seen so much because of that!!!

  31. This goes back many years ago while I was still dating my now wife. I took her for a drive up the lakeshore to show here some great areas to fish. While looking along the banks of one creek, I spotted a very large rainbow trout. I told my “girlfriend” to watch this. I took off my shoes and socks and slipped into the creek (just knee deep) and snuck up behind the fish. I reached down and tried to grab it, but it was bigger then I expected. The fish took off and leaped up in to the culvert that ran under the road. I chased after it and tried to grab it a couple of time but failed. When it and I got through the culvert, it turned and headed back the way we came. I had one last chance before the fish exited the culvert and he would be gone downstream back in to Lake Superior.
    I leaped, grabbed the fish, tumbled out of the culvert into the pool of water beneath the exit. When I came up to the surface I triumphantly raised the fish in my hand. That was the day my girlfriend realized we should get married. “If you can provide food with your bare hands, you’re a keeper” she said.

  32. Getting Sophie changed my life. Last year was one of the worst years of my life. I was defeated, alone and depressed. She’s brought such joy and light into my life. She’s my little furry angel.

  33. WOW some great stories here. For me it was moving from Toronto to Vancouver back in 2001. It was the turning point in my life as I was forced to grow up quickly and I’ve had fun ever since! :)

  34. After I graduated university I moved to a teeny tiny island town and had the best time of my life – I learned how to enjoy spending time with people of all ages, and that life doesn’t slow down, it just gets better. I also learned what ‘community’ can mean and my life is so much richer for it.

  35. My life changes after my father died from cancer. I had been rolling along, enjoying life, traveling and working as needed with no career aspirations at all. After his passing, I decided to volunteer at a cancer charity. Within 5 months, they offered me a paid position. 12 years later, I still work in the not-for-profit world and love that I helping making a difference in our clients lives.

  36. Riding the waves of life. Some high , some fierce, some with no end. You will find the inner strength you never knew you had.I am the youngest of eight. Everyone had left home, except for me. I took care of my little mother for years. I always prayed that God would send me a special someone who would complete me. At the age of 17, I met my high school sweetheart who took my breath away, and still does to this day. On May 2nd, it will be 29 years for us.
    Talking about riding a wave in life.
    When I found out I was going to have a baby 3 months after we were married, I was so excited. Not knowing that it was going to be the hardest 9 months of my life. At 3 months into the pregnancy, I was not feeling good at all, and ended up having emergency surgery with a twisted bowel and pendacitis. I was very sick. They wanted me to abort the baby, but I said no. The doctors said, I had too much infection in my system, and with all the medication I was on, she was going to be severely handicapped. I refused. I had so many tubes attached to me. I remember one night, I started going into labour, I have never been so scared in my life, crying out to God to please hear my cry, and help my baby to be ok.
    I did get better. As the pregnancy progressed, I broke my water and ended up with blood poisoning so bad, that the baby was in distress again. They warned me again, to prepare for the worse, and that she would be handicapped. When I finally had Amanda, I had to have an emergency c-section. She was the most beautiful baby in the world. She was perfect. There wasn’t anything wrong with her.
    The most beautiful jewelry you can ever hang around your neck, is the arms of a child. On June 19th, 2010 she will walk down the aisle with her proud daddy, to be joined together with the love of her life.
    I am also blessed with another beautiful daughter, who has just moved here with her husband. Yes, I continue to ride the waves of life. They are scary, sometimes very joyful, sometimes they are filled with tears and sadness. But when I look back, I wouldn’t change a thing.

    Find a way to be thankful for your troubles, and they can become your blessings !

    I do not know what life has in-store for me in the future, but I will continue to ride the waves of life, and embrace what ever comes my way.

    “life · is · not · about · how · many · breaths · you · take…
    it’s about how many moments take your breath away.”

    Thank you, Debbie

  37. At the time it felt like my life was over … and it was … my life as I knew it. It was only after I got out of it that I realized that life with him was a life I had never wanted. I was following a script … doing what was expected of me and living life as a checklist of items I was supposed to accomplish. Losing him has helped me to get a little closer to finding ME.

  38. For me, it was 3 and a half years ago, when I took and big leap and moved from Ireland to Vancouver. I had lived in Ireland all my life and now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else but here in BC. Since I moved I’ve been lucky enough to start my own little family, I have a beautiful wife and son.

    Thanks for a great contest Keira.

  39. Moving away from my hometown to Vancouver over 3 years ago was definitely the best, most important decision I ever made for myself. I loved (LOVED) where I was living but I always knew that I would leave and that when I did it would be to come here, to the point that when I told anyone my plan the general response was something along the line of “about time!”. I was a West Coast girl at heart and proved it when I finally called Vancouver home.

  40. i’ve had many pivotal moments in my life. actually, i wrote my masters thesis about pivotal moments!

    here’s one. i dropped out of highschool at grade 9 – couldn’t stand teachers telling me what to do anymore. for about 20 years, i had a good work life, always interesting jobs, reasonably well paid, good organizations. but something was missing. in 1990, i found out that what i really wanted to do was to become a counsellor (that involves two more pivotal moments, but that’s another story). so i took a course and started working in that field. then one day i was sitting at a starbucks in kitsilano, reading a book by virginia satir, a very influential psychologist, and she was mentioning something about when she got her PhD. i looked up from the book and thought, “hey, how come i don’t have a PhD!” i got in the car and drove to the open learning institute and enrolled in a course. i never looked back :)

  41. To make a very long story short, after 4 years of struggling with bottles upon bottles of meds for bipolar I decided to quit cold turkey. I don’t recommend this to anyone without doctor supervision as it’s dangerous, and my doctor was aware of my decision. I decided to risk it and take the road untaken and I have been medication free for over 2 years and have gotten my life on track health wise and life wise deciding what I want to do after university. After believing that I would never reach 25 and end up a statistic of suicide, I am now less than a month away from 27 and am hopeful that the future will continue to grow brighter.

  42. Wow, what an amazing bunch of stories! I’m trying to think of a major defining moment in my life and nothing compares to what i’m going through right now. I’m at a crossroads and I don’t really know which path to take. I always thought I would be further along in life by the time I turned 30 but it has come and gone and I am in the same life position as I was 6 years ago when I first moved to Vancouver. Sure I’ve grown emotionally but that doesn’t make me feel any better.

  43. I was born in the Azore. At 14 month’s old my dad and two brother’s moved to Canada so they could work and save money for the rest of the family to join them,so that we could have a better life. When I was 5 year’s old the day came for us to move to Canada to join my dad and brother’s. I remember like it was yesterday I did not want to go, so I hide in a cupboard, ” NO such luck they found me” hahaha funny as if.
    When we arrived in Canada, on our way to our new life and home we had a real bad accident My mom ended up in the hospital. From that day on life was never the same as every thing changed. I am now 52 year’s old, to this day I still wonder who I would be, what would my life be like if that little girl never got on that plane. I can not help the empty feeling inside as I long for the Azores, and miss the short life I had why back when.

    Life’s up’s and down’s… effects us all.

  44. Pretty fantastic giveaway!! My anthem has got to be – do what makes you happy and what feels right. I am SO not a spontaneous person but in the last two years I have moved to England, travelled through Scotland, camped for 7 weeks through 22 countries in Europe, decided I wanted to go back to school so moved back to BC, entered school and am now moving to Courtenay in 6 weeks to get my nursing degree.

    Three years ago I would have been too big of a pussy to do any of that!! None of us are getting any younger so I say if you want to do it or it feels right – just do it, don’t dwell on the what if’s!

  45. Competing in a karate tournament in Japan and winning first place against competitors from all over the world!! Completely shocking and satisfying all at the same time!

  46. Freedom! Not the bloody yelling in Braveheart fashion and not in the Nelson Mandela or Aung San Suu Kyi way, because i was most fortunate to grow up in a country, family, environment where my life, liberty and happiness were something i could take for granted. Nope, the freedom i’m referring to is the freedom from myself. What? Yes, self. For too long I was my own worst enemy. Like most people i pursued material gain and the purposeful pleasing of others in an effort to fill up myself/or please my egoic nature as it were.The trigger for life’s latest epiphany is a book by Ekhart Tolle, but the seeds leading to this discovery or enlightenment have been germinating for quite some time, mostly through the wisdom of my wife and her curious mind, new environments & financial challenges, plus a number of other great authors. The anthem for my journey is freedom. Letting go of my preconceived notions of who i am to others, who i am in relation to the whole of life, who i thought i was. Freedom from myself is embarking on what i hope to be; a vessel for creativity and life to enter this world. I desire to love others more than myself, and just BE present for opportunity and joy to come my way. It’s not easy to let go of the structures of an old faith, and relationships that have tied my views up since birth, but the price of freedom from that tyranny of self is worth the benefit of truly seeing the world for what it is, and appreciating the intrinsic value of everyone for who they are, not who they are to me. I feel more free already by acknowledging this and look forward to the future. A future where my life is not lived in vain, where i contribute more than i consume.

  47. The anthem of my life actually happened to me twice, once with the birth of my daughter and then again some three years later with the birth of my son. The miracle of creating a life was so overwhelming and being parents for me and my husband was such a blessing as we had both waited in our late 30’s before having kids. To think that we had created these two beautiful human beings to be a part of our lives forever. To this day whenever I think back to the moment I gave birth to each of my children, I get teary-eyed; not about the pain but the total miracle of it all.

  48. Attending a Canucks game in Vancouver and having it end in overtime was memorable down to the last second! Especially with us winning at a super intense game!!!

  49. Wow so many moments to choose from. Moving to the coast, the birth of my daughters, divorce. All these events have have been huge turning points in my life. But for an anthem I’ll have to go back a little further still. 

    It was grade nine and I was the best athlete in my Junior High. The only problem was that my school was dead last on every sport. We were playing in a basketball tournament against our rival school. They were the best team in the league and their star player was also the best in the city. This dude had quite an ego and went on to have a successful career in the NHL.

    I scored 24 points and even though we lost the game, it was my career high and it felt pretty great. After the game the aforementioned player came up to me and said “Great game. You’re pretty good. Too bad the rest of your team sucks.” To which I replied “Um thanks?”

    A strange end to a great moment that I will never forget. 

  50. So many great stories…thank goodness you are choosing at random!

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