This Girl Takes The Cake – Literally

Anyone that found themselves on the south coast of British Columbia last Friday – and particularly on the eastern shores of Vancouver Island – was glaringly aware of the dazzling display of weather Mother Nature put on for us all. After a late night on Thursday, I found myself up at the crack of dawn to fight for a seat on an early morning bus to Horseshoe Bay in hopes of grabbing a sailing before the winds really whipped up.

Photo: ecstaticist on Flickr

I arrived at the terminal just before 8:00 a.m., boarded the vessel around 20 after eight and didn’t set sail until a few minutes past 10:00 a.m. Because of the inclement weather, the ferry needed to sail close to UBC and then cut north up the channel, finally arriving in Nanaimo shortly before 12:30.

Surprisingly, the ride was hardly rough or bumpy at all and nothing like I’m sure the Texada Island ferry passengers were experiencing. Lucky for me that I dragged my butt out of bed as early as I did. All subsequent sailings were canceled that day and I had a very important reason to get home.

After 365 days of smiling, giggling, turning over, crawling, clapping, burping, crying and winning over countless hearts with her bright blue eyes, my niece Sienna was celebrating her first birthday. We had a small gathering of family and a couple friends on hand for a BBQ and some birthday cake amongst Tinkerbell decorations.

It’s every baby’s right of passage to savour an over-sized slice of cake smothered in frosting when they turn one. Sienna wasted no time in doing so.

A little unsure of what to think at first, once she got a taste for the chocolate there was no turning back.

And if one cake wasn’t enough, I managed to re-create my chocolate fudge layer cake for Easter dinner’s dessert on the next night.

By then it seemed she had the process down pat.

Being a kid is exhausting work, but someone’s gotta do it, right?

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6 Comments on “This Girl Takes The Cake – Literally

  1. ha, that is super cute! Everyone needs a little first birthday cake up their nose!!

  2. There’s chocolate in her nose, hahahahahaha. And she looks exhausted in that last pic. Poor little baby, it must have been tiring finishing that huge piece of cake.

    But having lived for 365 days, I think she’s deserved every morsel. Congratulations Sienna!

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