John Mayer – Battle Studies At GM Place

Music history is filled with musicians who play the guitar well but only a few who can be considered legendary masters of the instrument. Whatever your opinion of John Mayer may or may not be, he is one of the legendary few.

On April 1 he brought his Battle Studies 2010 World Tour to GM Place in Vancouver, and Andrea and I were some of the first few to lock in our tickets for the evening.

The show opened with a fan favourite from 2009’s Battle Studies record, “Heartbreak Warfare”, a song laced with the logistics of love.

Supported by both new players and long-time bandmates Steve Jordan (who treated us to an incredible drum solo) and David Ryan Harris on the guitar, Mayer has managed to bring a well-balanced rock show to the crowd.

It isn’t often I find myself at a concert that’s enjoyable the entire way through, but that can’t be said of the Battle Studies show. Treating us to samples from his entire catalogue, some of John’s highlights included “Good Love Is On The Way”, “Vultures” and “Why Georgia”.

Never one to shy away from having fun on stage, John sparked the crowd with inspired covers of Bill Withers’ “Ain’t No Sunshine” and Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

It’s hard to ignore controversy surrounding any celebrity in the spotlight, but after expressing regrets for his candid nature in a Playboy interview earlier this year, John claimed he just wanted to keep his mouth shut and play his guitar. And that, my friends, is simply what he did… and might I add, quite beautifully. The man can drop humour like the best of them, but jamming out with us what he came to Vancouver to do.

Some experiences in life feel like nothing more than dreams when basking in the afterglow. Never is that more true of experiences with music, an element that has the power to relate to all of us. I have a lot of gratitude for John Mayer’s music and the personal impact its had on my life since his first release.

Many moments in our lives are defined by a note or a song. It just so happens that many of my defining moments have been shaped in some way by this one man’s craft.

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5 Comments on “John Mayer – Battle Studies At GM Place

  1. Great pictures and videos! I so wish I could have gone. That man is definitely one of the most talented musicians of this generation. It’s not often today’s musicians create music that will be remembered more than 5 years from now. … Did I mention he’s gorgeous? <3

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  3. you have done the seemingly impossible…you’ve blogged about a concert I was not at and made me wish that I had been.

    i think you might have super-powers.

    thank you for this,

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