Month: April 2010

Slopestyle Summer

I know we’re barely half-way through Spring, but with my closet quickly filling up with breezy dresses and my snowboard delegated to dust collecting duty, it’s safe to say that Summer can’t come quickly enough. Most mountains around… Read More

Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

One of my daily must-visit sites around the Web is Flickr. I’m always curious to see the photos that my friends and contacts are coming up with and how they document their experiences. Some photos, however, are extraordinarily… Read More

Flip Camera And AXE Gear Giveaway

If I’m honest with myself, there are very few experiences in life I’d do differently if given the opportunity. Some are minor blips and some adventures can only be described as memorably epic. Even wine-induced shenanigans with girlfriends… Read More

365 Days And 1,460 Kisses

Jordy – Also known as: J-Man, My Foxy Little Man, Love Muffin, J, Lil’ J, J-Fresh, Buddy, Sweetpea, Mister, Jords, Monster, Little Monkey His ears were pasted back on his head, his fur dull and coarse and tremendous… Read More

Island Profile: Ucluelet

If Tofino was a superhero, Ucluelet would be its trusty sidekick – the one that does all the heavy lifting without taking much credit. While Tofino is beautiful in its own right, on the opposite stretch of sand… Read More