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Photo: BC-SPCA Biscuit Fund

In 2004, a scruffy but lovable dog named Biscuit was found wandering local streets. He’d been abused and repeatedly stabbed but somehow managed to drag himself into a garage. After being found by a family and rushed to an area veterinarian, Biscuit was nursed back to health through emergency care. The BC-SPCA created the Biscuit Fund in honour of this resilient little guy to raise funds for other sick and injured homeless animals.

March is ‘Sponsor A Cat Month’ with the Biscuit Fund. Donations are the primary funding source for all aspects of the BC-SPCA and the need for emergency animal care is steadily rising. In fact, the money spent in 2008 exceeded $2.4 million dollars. If you’d like to donate, please visit the BC-SPCA’s Biscuit Fund website. 100% of the donations are used to help the animals and are entirely tax-deductible. If you’d like to take a peek at some of the animals that have been helped by the Biscuit Fund, head on over to their Flickr site.

Pet overpopulation is a huge problem within British Columbia and around the world. When bringing a new cat, dog or other companion animal into your home, please give strong consideration to adopting from an animal shelter or rescue organization. There are countless animals waiting for your love and affection, and the more animals we bring into our homes, the less animals we’ll find fending for their lives on the street.

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2 Comments on “Share The Love

  1. Fuck. Some people in this world just need to drop off the face of the planet, or better yet, have what they do to animals done to them. It makes me so sick.

    I wish people would realize that when they buy a pet from a pet store they are supporting backyard breeders and puppy mills- they should be forced to watch a video so they see what their puppy has been put through. Rescue groups and animal shelters are wonderful organizations filled with wonderful animals who are looking for someone to love them unconditionally.

    Both Jordy and Sophie (and Bandit too) are rescue dogs and they are some of the sweetest animals I’ve met.

    /rant over.

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