Are We There Yet?

I like rainy days. No wait, scratch that. I love rainy days. They lend to a particular sense of coziness that allows me to be lazy enough to stay indoors while invigorating enough to roll up my sleeves and get stuff done. I cleaned my entire apartment, cleared out hideous clothes I don’t wear anymore, junked old make-up from under the bathroom sink, bathed Jordy (who’s now fast asleep on the couch), baked cookies and prepped myself a margarita pizza from scratch.

As quaint as all that sounds, the other half of me is starting to feel restless for the coming days of endless sunshine… summer evenings in lush grass at the park, pitchers of crushed raspberry mojitos on the patio at Milestones (likely while practically living in this beauty through the sunny months), loading up on a bounty of fresh fruit and vegetables from the Coombs Market, sandy toes, sugary sweet ice cream dripping from hand-rolled sugar cones, wading in the ocean with my niece and my dog and a girls’ getaway week in New York City with Rebecca.

Instead of practically torturing myself with summer dreams, I decided to take a trip down memory lane in Flickrville and check out some of my favourite memories of Summer 2009.

John Mayer's Girlfriend

I Love Animals

I Look Good In Kevlar

Two Of My Favouritest Ever
Photo: John Bollwitt on Flickr

Paws Crew

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3 Comments on “Are We There Yet?

  1. So glad that I was part of your Summer 2009. We did have fun at the SPCA Walk, the Filberg Festival and Tofino…never mind the Big Time Out and the endless trips to Coombs. Want to have another adventure this summer?

  2. Oh man, I hear ya! I can’t wait for summer either. Lots of camping, hiking, biking and patio-crawling! 😀

  3. That first pic of the baby (with the doll) looks like he/she’s winking and could be capioned “here’s looking at you kid”!

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