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When my brother and I were children, my mom would sometimes bring home giant rolls of paper. I’d map out entire towns for my brother’s Hot Wheels cars. And when you were drawing rainbows and happy sunshine faces, I was taking pencil to ruler and sketching out floor plans. I’ve been fascinated with the layouts of homes for longer than I can remember. That said, you can imagine how excited I was to discover the basic blueprint for the infamous Skybreak House.

Located in The Warren, Radlett, Hertfordshire area of the UK and built between the years 1964-1966, it can be most easily recognized as HOME in A Clockwork Orange. Though the exteriors featured in the film are not that of the Skybreak House, this is one home that has me salivating at its interior design. If money weren’t a factor, I’d replicate it while simultaneously blowing up the square footage and maintaining the ratio.

My TV-watching hours are usually dominated by shows such as Property Virgins, Love It Or List It, House Poor or Take This House And Sell It. Room transformations are nothing short of addictive. Being that I’m hoping to upgrade to a larger and more permanent suite in a year’s time, the designs are becoming highly influential. Beyond gray paint and focal walls, I’m gathering some unique ideals. And if the Skybreak House wasn’t amazing enough already, it also features my latest obsession: barn doors.

Using chalkboard paint on a smaller wall surface charms, thrills and kills me.

Clearly a girl with kitchen savvy needs a workspace to reflect that. Given the choice, I will always choose stand-alone pieces over installed cabinetry because I prefer working in functional kitchen spaces. Some of my “I freakin’ wish” must-haves: butcher block island, industrial-sized porcelain basin, open concept storage and gas cooking.

I adore minimalist design in each and every room because it provides the perfect canvas for incorporating colours and pieces that inspire.

I’m kind of in love with platform beds but feel the pull into a torrid love affair with oversized headboards – particularly pseudo ones derived from art pieces or headboards of the upholstered variety. They make my heart go ga-gung.

Complimentary lamps and candles are not only essential but also add amazing beauty. Nothing, however, can top the perfection of natural light.

You will never, ever find the following in any home I ever live in: trinkets, shiny black appliances, anything made of oak, the colour yellow, enclosed entertainment units, paisley prints, bedding with a thread count below 400 or hutch units. Buffets, on the other hand, are not only acceptable but actually encouraged.

While I’m about 1,667 paychecks (and a lottery win) away from recreating the Skybreak House with some serious Keira-Anne styles, a girl’s gotta dream. After all, my body needs something to keep the adrenaline coursing between basketball games.


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6 Comments on “Design Candy

  1. This is so cool! I love seeing inside people’s homes (as creepy as that sounds). I like getting ideas from what other people have done and make them into something I can do in my place. The day the Ikea catalogue arrives is one of the best days of the year.

  2. I love this post! My childhood was also spent conjuring up make-believe homes, floor plans and room designs and exploring the new houses in our area as they were being framed. I was constantly rearranging my room as a kid, and “designing” new layouts for my furniture. Now I’m lucky enough to do it for a living at the architectural firm I work at.

    I share your passion for minimalist design, allowing for unlimited options for punches of colour and artwork. Also…couldn’t agree more with your kitchen must-haves! I am also in love with butcher block countertops as well as open concept storage. Just fabulous.

    ps- It’s funny you mentioned barn doors! We are putting several in the new elementary school we’re designing..and chalkboard paint! I think we are more excited about it than the kids who will be attending it.

  3. @Nicole – I also forgot to mention that subway tiles are a must. I’m completely in love with them right now.

  4. If you are considering using barn doors in your project have you considered a company like Woodstar Products for that purchase? They have some great doors and they do custom work, which might be just what you are looking for. Just a suggesstion. I have some friends that got doors through them and they are beautiful.

  5. OBSESSING about barn doors too! We’re installing something like this for the Sunrise Vet Clinic… and now I’m planning on it for my own home.

    Joe has been refurbishing old doors… OH MY GOODNESS – so beautiful! When you’re in the hood we’ll have to go check out the one around the corner :) Or – trip to Demxx?


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