Sports Writer What?

I’m as shocked at the notion as you probably are. My recent loving ode to the Phoenix Suns was picked up by the team’s webmaster and added to their Twitter stream. Within no time at all, I received an e-mail from the senior content editor at Fanster – a truly comprehensive sports website dedicated to covering all professional and college-level sports in Arizona. It seemed as though they were interested in some north-of-the-border perspective on the Suns and offered me the opportunity to become a regular blogger.

I humbly and excitedly accepted.

My first column installment was published this morning (found here) and is more or less an introduction to yours truly. I can’t muscle my way into a sports fans’ site and pretend I have a clue as to what I’m talking about without some credibility. As it stands now, I’ll be publishing my thoughts and ideas each Monday – and possibly more if I feel so inspired. Keep in the loop with my rants and raves by viewing my Fanster profile which will include a listing of all posts.

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  1. Congrats! You know that even though I am not a sports fan of any kind that I will be reading your column every week!

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