Month: February 2010

Free Tilly

I can say with 100% certainty that there is nothing at which I am an expert. There are, however, a few things of which I am incredibly passionate about. Orca whales are one of those things. While there… Read More

Design Candy

When my brother and I were children, my mom would sometimes bring home giant rolls of paper. I’d map out entire towns for my brother’s Hot Wheels cars. And when you were drawing rainbows and happy sunshine faces,… Read More

Island Profile: Sunshine

The southern region of British Columbia has been bathed in sunshine for days on end, making February akin to April or May. In the spirit of all things warm and bright, I thought it would be rather fitting… Read More

Confessions Of A Hypocrite

When Vancouver and Whistler were first awarded the 2010 Olympic Winter Games seven years ago, I was less than enthused. I’ve never been a fan of the Olympics generally and wasn’t pumped for them to be held in… Read More

Island Profile: Mount Washington

Two years ago, when I brought Rebecca to Mount Washington Alpine Resort with me for a girls’ snowboarding weekend, she had told a friend or two about our pending trip. A few of the comments she got in… Read More