Month: January 2010

The Fantastic Five

I’ve spent the last two days playing tour guide to two friends in town from Prince George. Nothing helps me get past Friday night drinking like Saturday morning brunch. I took our three-man wolfpack (yes, we recycled jokes… Read More

Purple Reign

They say it only takes one time to get you hooked. This couldn’t be more true of my love affair with the Phoenix Suns. Before last year, I hadn’t seen a live NBA game since the Grizzlies still… Read More

Island Profile: Cathedral Grove

There is a special place on Vancouver Island, a place so incredibly unique that it seems almost magical. Winding pathways make their way between some of the oldest fir trees on the entire Earth, trees so tall they… Read More

Organization: An Impromptu Tutorial

Being that I’ve made trips to both Canadian Tire and Ikea in the last week in an effort to create some order out of chaos in my apartment, it was interesting that I received an e-mail from a… Read More

Two Questions: Cameras and Hoops

Question No. 1: If you were to recommend a good camera to me, which would it be? The trip to New York that Rebecca and I are taking is coming up fast with a little over four months… Read More