Year: 2010

Ticket Giveaway: New Year’s Eve Party At Relish GastroPub & Bar

UPDATE Congratulations to Katie Maximick on winning two tickets to Relish GastroPub & Bar’s New Year’s Eve party! Thanks to all who entered. When choosing where to ring in the New Year, a few “musts” have to be… Read More

2010: The Year That Was In Photos

I’m always in a slight state of amazement when another year draws to a close. As a child, a year seemed like an eternity. As an adult, a year passes by in a blink. 2010 held new adventures,… Read More

Conserving The Natural Beauty Of The Comox Valley

With lakes, rivers, marshes, flat lands, mountains, hills, beaches, ocean water, streams, forests and an abundance of varied and fascinating flora, fauna and wildlife, the Comox Valley is a biological smorgasbord of some of Mother Nature’s finest work…. Read More

Photos: Christmas Baking

Four evenings, four pounds of butter and dozens upon dozens of cookies later, I can finally say that my Christmas baking is finished for the season! Much of it has been shared with friends and co-workers but there’s… Read More

Let The Baking Begin

The annual Christmas baking battle is set to begin in my kitchen in a matter of hours and I can safely say that, this year, I’m well-armed and ready to tackle my long list of must-makes. Much in… Read More