Month: December 2009

And The Winner Is…

Thanks to all who entered my LittleEvaCharlotte Etsy contest over the last week. I’m pleased to announce our winner, Adrienne Jackson, who selected the Flour Sack Hat as her favourite item. Adrienne, please send an e-mail to the… Read More

Look! It’s An Etsy Contest!

Erin and Melissa are two creatively crafty moms who, in an effort to create items for their children to wear and use, have stumbled upon some great ideas. Between sweet knit toques and highly functional stroller liners, LittleEvaCharlotte… Read More

Because Sometimes 5’8″ Isn’t Tall Enough…

Someone at Nordstrom must have been sleeping on the job. For reasons I can’t explain, this dress ended up at Nordstrom Last Chance with a $49.95 price tag on it. It was the only one, it was in… Read More

Mon Coeur

Photos (top to bottom): Tiffany & Co.; Home Decorating Ideas/Interior Decoration/Kitchen Remodeling; Personal; MagXone Lyrics – “Assassin” by John Mayer; lonesome:cycler on Flickr; SoFeminine; Billie Hara on Flickr; Personal; ****Gretchen (FaustoyGretchen)**** on Flickr; Gucci by Robin Broadbent Photography;… Read More

Furever Fundraising Update

I recently put the call out for silent auction items donations to benefit Furever After Small Dog Rescue, the non-profit and volunteer-run dog rescue group from which I adopted Jordy. The numbers from the fundraising dinner are in,… Read More