My Perfect ’10

Living today – in the moment – has become my “thing” lately. I could elaborate but let’s not get boring, shall we? Anyway, if I don’t live in the moment, all the things I’m pumped about next year will be here before I know it and the little things will pass me by. In fact, so much is coming my way in 2010 that I’m already exhausted thinking about it all. Oy vey.

In no particular order…

10. No specific target date has been set, but I will be officially debt-free. Feel free to hate on me, but I’ve worked hard at it.

William Lyon Mackenzie King: Money Man

9. Celebrating my sweet-as-a-peach niece’s first birthday.


8. Shortly after that, celebrating one whole year with my love bug.

True Love

7. Fingers crossed that the Phoenix Suns will once again rock GM Place with another exhibition game during the pre-season, a game at which I will be screaming, yelling, cheering and jumping up and down in my jersey.

Photo: taminator on Flickr

6. TORONTO! Or, you know, a suburb-thereof. I really need to see this lady again. (Except let’s not hang with those guys, okay?)

5. Seeing John Mayer in concert on April 1 for the second time. (Don’t be surprised if I disappear for a few months after the show. It’s my hope that I’ll charm my way backstage, after which he and I will embark on a passionate and heartbreaking love affair. I suspect we will exhaust each other by summertime.)

John Mayer - Mayercraft 2 - DSC_5614.JPG
Photo: Flickred! on Flickr

4. Love thy self: I’m one of those people who incessantly say “I want to…” and then never actually do it. I want to cook more gourmet food, drink more wine, have more parties, take more day-trips, rent a car sometimes and do anything and everything that makes me happy.

3. My first visit to New York City. I plan on leaving my heart there.

Morning Walk in NYC
Photo: miss604 on Flickr

2. Get sporty. I don’t miss going to the gym but getting active makes my heart go ga-goong in more ways than one. I want to join a co-ed drop-in basketball league or just hit the courts with friends. Bueller?

Basketball #8
Original Photo: Fernando Ariotti on Flickr

1. Embarking on the next decade of my life, a trip that someone special to me will also be taking this year.

Your turn: tell me what would make for your “Perfect ’10”. Feel free to make this a meme.

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9 Comments on “My Perfect ’10

  1. Your #2 has been on my to do list for a couple years now, without the co-ed part. Although now that mention it, that’s not a bad idea. 😉

    Have a happy new year and here’s to actually doing more of what we want to!

  2. Nothing wrong with co-ed. Believe me, I can give many men a run for their money on the court.

  3. 1. Celebrating my beautiful daughter’s 10th birthday!
    2. Selling the house we have out grown
    3. Getting one that fits our growing family
    4. Over coming back problems (again) so I can play sports (again)
    5. Spending more time with my girlfriends (because I miss them and they rock)
    6. Not letting bad people get me down or affect my family
    7. Watching my kids grow and experience life
    8. Learning from my kids and their good hearts.
    9. Travelling to a country I’ve never been to.
    10. Clean out my closet and read more books.

  4. 1. YOU coming to my wedding
    2. buying a house
    3. having my student loan and BOTH credit cards paid off
    4. going on a great trip somewhere warm (probably a honeymoon trip)
    5. my nephew turns 1
    6. bringing my doggies for long walks/swims
    7. camping trips in the great north bush
    8. motley crue concert!
    9. drink more wine (love that one!)
    10. be more present to my friends who I love dearly.

  5. Do anything and everything that makes me happy…that just about sums it all up! xo

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  7. Woo hoo on #1!! anyone who hates on that is jealous. i paid off my credit debt last year (still have a lot in student loans though) and it felt great!

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