Because Sometimes 5’8″ Isn’t Tall Enough…

Someone at Nordstrom must have been sleeping on the job. For reasons I can’t explain, this dress ended up at Nordstrom Last Chance with a $49.95 price tag on it. It was the only one, it was in my size, there was not a stain, not a rip and not a silk thread out of place. Pure coincidence, and clearly I planned my trip to Scottsdale at the right time.

It was only in recent years that I learned how crucial the right pair of shoes are to completing an outfit. Tonight after work, I completed the dress by picking up these “kicks” at Holt Renfrew’s seasonal sale. The original price tag said $188 but the register rung them up for $109. It’s think it might be love.

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16 Comments on “Because Sometimes 5’8″ Isn’t Tall Enough…

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  2. Wow, those shoes look deadly. And you in a red dress & wearing those heels will be …………hot (burning up)!

  3. What’s Michael Kors all about? I know absolutely nothing about shoes, Cary Bradshaw would hate me, hahaha.

    While I’d be flat on my face in a split-sec, you’ll look and be fab darlin’! :)

  4. I really wanted to see photos of that cute dress.. maybe the two of them together?!
    Do it!

  5. Hey, Keira-Anne

    Are those amazing shoes still available at Holt Renfrew, or are they phasing them out in favour of a new collection? I have been obsessed with them since you posted pictures. I tried searching Marc Jacobs’ website, but had no luck.

  6. @Amy – The shoes aren’t by Marc Jacobs. They’re from a recent MICHAEL Michael Kors collection and yes, I believe they’re being phased out for the next collection.

  7. Argh! I meant to type Kors and not Jacobs. This is my brain on too little sleep.

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