It’s one of those perfect Vancouver evenings – the kind where the weather assures us that Autumn has arrived but also that Winter will very soon come blustering in without much warning. It’s perfectly cozy.

The rain is falling in sheets, the wind is whipping around the City’s towers and whistling in the elevator shafts, leaves slick the sidewalks (and the boots that tread them), the coffee-pimping mermaid has decorated her shops in red, white and sprinkles and your humble narrator is once again blogging in her leg warmers.

Did I mention that I set up my Christmas tree last night?

While I had planned to wait until returning from Phoenix, I found myself sipping on a perfect peppermint latte yesterday afternoon. The taste created inspiration and my mind snowballed from there.

I got home from work and cleaned every inch of my 434 square-foot apartment before hauling three bags and a box from my storage locker. Tree, lights, sparkly ornaments, a shining star and a fistful of Christmas CDs.

Call me crazy but wouldn’t you make the most of something you loved so much? Christmas comes only once a year and it’s absolutely my favourite, so I’ll milk it for all it is worth.

I’m going to walk three feet into the kitchen and fry up a garlic and grilled cheese sandwich with squash and nutmeg soup for dinner. While I do that, you can stay here and check out my little man…


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  2. I love that you’re blogging in leg warmers. It is a pretty tree. Ah, you’re a December baby. No wonder.

  3. Haha, I love his little turkey (or is it chicken) chew toy. And that little Tinkerbell / fairy-angel crystal looking thing is gorgeous.

  4. Christmas has always been your favourite holiday. Enjoy the whole season from the music, decorations, shopping, peppermint lattes, and family times.

  5. Merry Premature Christmas to you and the furry one! May your season be filled with Peppermint Mochas and an assortment of yummy baked goods :)

  6. Wow early Christmas action eh? Jordy looks so happy with his Chicken! lol

    So far I think you take the cake when it comes to putting up the Christmas tree the earliest!

    Good looking tree too! 1980 eh? such a old phart arent ya 😉

  7. Aw your Christmas decorations look beautiful! So cute!

    Hope you have a fantastic time in Phoenix! Bring back a tan for all of us in the rain here :)

  8. Last year when you decorated your christmas tree early and blogged about it I got SO in the mood for Christmas. It hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m sure it will. Maybe next time Calgary gets covered with snow it will feel like Christmas! It got up to 14 degrees yesterday… this city is strange.

    I love you and your leg warmers, your obsession for christmas, and your fluffy Jordy. Enjoy the warm christmassy ambience in your beautiful apartment!!

  9. You realize that you’ve decorated your home before Ms Christmas Town herself, BURROWS!

    I can’t wait to decorate when I get back home although I will sheepishly admit, I have been listening to Boney M’s Christmas album for about a month now. Next is Bing Crosby. Then Mariah. Oh dear.

  10. lol. That picture with all the teeth isn’t so much ‘merry christmas’ as ‘mom! the decorations are up WAYYYYY to early’… lol!

  11. The “Baby’s First Christmas” decoration is beyond adorable. My parents have basically the same ones for me and my brother. Do you have those plates that state your birth date, name and weight, too? So cute!

  12. Oh, sorry to be annoying, but I wanted to ask you about the facial products you use. I know that, like me, you didn’t have a good experience with Lush. You mentioned that you’re using something other than Clinique right now (or you were), and I was wondering what the name is and if you find it works better than the big C.

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