Month: November 2009

In Case You Didn’t Know…

…British Columbia has more than lived up to its reputation of being the “Wet Coast” in recent weeks. While this means puddles and downpours on the streets, it’s equated to incredible amounts of snowfall on the mountains. Nowhere… Read More

Who Do You Want To Be?

There is something to be said for knowing one’s self, but identifying one’s self is something entirely different. It’s nothing short of amazing to me to see the ways in which I have changed through each year of… Read More

Underneath The Blue Never-Ending Sky

Growing up on BC’s coast, I’ve always said that I adored living somewhere that the residents experienced four distinct seasons. It wasn’t until visiting the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale last week that I realized I really just tolerate… Read More


It’s one of those perfect Vancouver evenings – the kind where the weather assures us that Autumn has arrived but also that Winter will very soon come blustering in without much warning. It’s perfectly cozy. The rain is… Read More