These Boys Will Break Your Heart

Meet Jake and Zack. Both boys are pomeranians and, though not brothers, clearly have a lot of cuddly love for each other.

Jake and Zack

I’m sure your first instinct may have been a heartfelt “awww…” However, if you look closer, you’ll notice that Zack is missing his right eye. If Jake’s mouth was open, you wouldn’t see a single tooth. And though their bodies are being held in a big hug, what you don’t see are the massive patches of fur that have been ripped off and the deep wounds that cover their bodies.

Jake and Zack were seized just two weeks ago from a hoarding breeder within BC and, if you can believe it, were forced to engage in dog fighting. Yes, these little 3 and 7-pound pomeranians were forced to rip at each other. Now they’ve got a loving – yet temporary – home with Jordy’s former foster mom. These boys are just two of many dogs that you have the opportunity to help out.

Do you have a craft, some dog toys or supplies, a business, a service or just something extra lying around that could fetch a price?

Please consider donating to the silent auction that Furever After Small Dog Rescue is holding in late November. Jordy is just one of many dogs who’ve been helped and re-home through this fantastic organization.

If you’d like to help out, please leave a comment or contact me directly. Donated items are tax deductible and 100% of the proceeds help dogs like Jake and Zack.

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11 Comments on “These Boys Will Break Your Heart

  1. This made me cry! I’m glad Chloe is safe in my house.. but it makes me want to adopt all the millions of doggies being treated like this!
    Good Post!

  2. It’s going to be very hard for me to resist going over to the humane society in BC and not adopt someone who needs a home. Very very hard.

  3. @Krista – Why resist? Their foster home is a mere 40-minute drive from where you and Brian will be living. Adopting Jordy was the best decision I’ve ever made and is definitely the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done.

  4. How someone could abuse animals is beyond my wildest imagination. Don’t get me started about Michael Vick….

    Poor dogs I really hope they will find loving homes soon.

  5. God damn it, that pisses me off. I wish I could adopt more dogs. Someday maybe I’ll have the property and time to do it. Thanks for posting this Keira-Anne.

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  7. Oh, my heart. I’d love to be a forever home for either of these two (and hundreds just like them).

  8. I have two rescued border collies ( Newton & Lazlo) and a rescued yellow naped amazon parrot with a penchant for profanity ( Randell). If there is a way i can help these cuties let me know. Oh and i discovered your blog from Netchick (tanya)

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