Revelations At Midnight

I’ve been more prayerful this year. When people ask me if I consider myself religious, for some reason I take offense. No one, however, asks me if I consider myself spiritual. I consider myself spiritual. By that it can be construed that I’m deeply aware of the spiritual aspect to my whole self. It’s as much a part of me as my mental well-being, my emotional quotient and the health of my physical body.

I believe in God; yup, the supreme Allah. He’s who I pray to, who I believe in and who I share it all with. Not out of a sense of duty or of obligation. It’s born out of the simple desire to feel connected to Him and to keep my spiritual heartbeat strong because without either then… what? Exactly. I never want my life to read like a guilt-inducing slogan on the neon sign of a church. I’d rather it resemble the sensation of a breeze in a tree or the roll of a wave.

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4 Comments on “Revelations At Midnight

  1. I think that spirituality and denomination are almost completely separate elements these days. I too balk at the term ‘religion’ but have no trouble talking about God’s love and involvement in our lives. I’m very happy to hear about your relationship with Him/Her/The Absolute. Namaste.

  2. Beautiful darling.

    It’s just a reference point Allison, not a defining point :)

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