I Am So Multi-Dimensional

A couple weeks ago I was twirling my hair like I usually do only to find some unusually short pieces in the back. As my fingers searched, I found a few more small sections that were more than six inches shorter than the rest of my hair. Panic. I’ve always had long, strong, soft hair and never experienced any breakage.

A few weeks before this incident, I started using the shampoo bars from Lush in an effort to save cash. Though I know that shampoo that excessively lathers generally isn’t good for your hair, I liked the smell and felt squeaky clean afterwards, so I kept with it. That is, however, until I found tons of broken, thirsty, stripped and damaged hair.

I didn’t waste a single minute booking with Mari at Lounge Hair Studio. While most people would like to sugarcoat a situation, Mari simply shook her head and told me it’s “really bad.” An hour and a half, a follicle treatment, deep conditioning and almost six inches later, this is the result:

Camera One

Camera One

Camera Two

Camera Two

Shorter? Yes, but with new layers, swing and softness – and thankful I didn’t walk away with hair as short as Betty Draper. I’ve been forbidden from using Lush’s shampoo bars ever again and cautioned against any other cheap-quality shampoos. Keep your meat-eating snickering to yourself because this is the first time this has ever happened to me. As much as I’d like to save money, I’m indefinitely back on the Bumble train.

Check back in a few weeks… Mari’s giving me Cameron Diaz’s colour.

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  2. lush is good for certain things, i find. i have never tried their shampoo and don’t enjoy being pressured to buy it when i’m in their store, but i find a lot of their soaps aren’t that great and their lotions are really heavy and greasy.

    sometimes you need chemicals to make the product work.

  3. wow – so sorry to hear about your bad luck with Lush products! BUT your hair looks good and you always loved Bumble, so happy ending all around?

  4. Looks great! But then again, it always does!

    I still think Redken Blonde Glam is awesome, and you can usually find the big 1L bottles on sale for $25/each!

    Blonde Glam Pure Pearl is basically blonde hair heaven… it will make your hair silky and ultra blonde!

    lol… I could never justify spending money on Bumble’s tiny bottles of product! I KNOW it’s amazing, but perhaps it’s because you’re basically slathering money on your hair! 😉


  5. That is funny–I always thought of Lush as high-quality and didn’t try their shampoo because of the price!

    I find that Pantene, Neutrogena, whatever higher-end drug store shampoo is on sale makes my hair look just as shiny as the salon brands my friends use.

  6. I love the idea of Lush, but on several different occasions, I’ve used their face products and have always ended up with terrible skin. I’ve thought about giving their hair products a try, but I’m glad I haven’t based on your experience. I’m a B & b girl, too, so I think I’ll be sticking with them.

  7. @Amy – Me as well. I was using some of their skincare products throughout the summer and hello break-outs. I’ve been using Juice Beauty from Sephora for the last three weeks or so and I couldn’t be happier! My skin has totally cleared up and – believe it or not – my pore size has visibly reduced. Loving it so far.

  8. Hey!

    I, live yourself, am a Bumble addict. However, I would recommend the Kerastase product hair line to you. It is AMAZING. It is the high end of L’Oreal, and seriously, my hair has never looked better.

    You seem to be a girl who loves a good product so I thought I’d provide a recommendation if you’re looking for some fun!

    xo Christen

  9. Chopping off the long locks was not a bad call, in fact good call! The mane will never leave no matter how short. It’s all about attitude! Girl power! work it! Am I creeping you out yet?

    Hair is just there to frame a beautiful face anyway. 😉

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