Month: October 2009

My Life In Point Form

A few years ago, I was in my boss’s office when he asked me what the difference is between a website and a blog. After a brief description of each, he asked if I, in fact, had a… Read More

Red, White and Blue

In recent weeks, I, like many other people around Vancouver, find myself in a painfully consistent routine each morning. It begins by hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock more than a handful of times – at… Read More

These Boys Will Break Your Heart

Meet Jake and Zack. Both boys are pomeranians and, though not brothers, clearly have a lot of cuddly love for each other. I’m sure your first instinct may have been a heartfelt “awww…” However, if you look closer,… Read More

Island Profile: Campbell River

The countless destinations scattered across Vancouver Island are each known for something special and unique. Though nestled along its namesake river, the rushing body of water is only one of many things Campbell River has become famous for…. Read More

They’re Only Words, Right?

Author’s Foreword: This post is lovingly dedicated to my dear friend Andrea, a woman who shares many of my compulsions. Language is only one of them. Reading thesauruses may be another. While earlier pondering this blog post, I… Read More