A Little Goes A Long Way

Do you paint? Run an auto shop? Knit? Distribute books? Own a shop of interesting and unique treasures? Provide a service that benefits the community? I’d like you to consider for a moment the fact that whatever you do can be of even further benefit if you wish.

When I first set out to bring a dog into my home, I found a wide range of rescue organizations across BC that were taking care of – literally – thousands of dogs that were neglected or homeless. Through that search, I stumbled upon Jordy’s profile page. At the time he was living in a foster home in Duncan on Vancouver Island, being cared for by a non-profit group known as Furever After Small Dog Rescue.

Monty Before
Monty After

Monty, pictured above, was one of Jordy’s foster brothers. When first brought into care, Monty was filthy, emaciated, his teeth rotted and his fur was so horribly matted that the weight of the knots caused sores and bruises all over Monty’s tiny body. Both Rebecca and I had the chance to meet Monty and see the progress he’d made in foster care on the day I went to pick up Jordy to bring him home. Today Monty has bounced back triumphantly, only through the care and funds of Furever After.

Most of these dogs require emergency dental care, as well as even basic veterinary care (and most aren’t spayed or neutered), food, shelter and rehabilitation in order to be adopted out. This coming November, Furever After is holding a charity dinner and silent auction to raise these desperately needed funds. The group is entirely run by volunteers, and when the money dries up, the expenses must come out-of-pocket. 100% of money raised goes to helping the dogs!

If you have a service, product, item you’ve made or the like that can be auctioned off at this dinner and silent auction, please contact me as soon as possible. No item is too big or small and the dollar value isn’t important. Tax receipts can be provided for all items with an attached invoice/receipt detailing item value and business information.

For more information or to donate your item or service, please send me an e-mail. Any help is much appreciated! To learn more about the fundraising dinner, please click here or visit the Furever After Small Dog Rescue website.

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6 Comments on “A Little Goes A Long Way

  1. I hope that all the little guys we met when we picked up Jordy have found a forever home but somehow I doubt it. One legged, snaggle-toothed and crippled animals are not what most want. They were so special…at least the foster home was such a loving place.

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  3. This is SO heartbreaking, but so great that there are such amazing teams to provide help and homes for these little guys.. It makes me sad to think of all the homeless animals out there.

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