Are You Ready To Barf?

Let me be the first one to say that I personally think clothing on dogs borders on the ridiculous. I must also preface these photos by saying that, when soaking wet, Jordy is visually half-size. His thick and down-like fur often takes hours to dry properly, and with the rainy season on the way, I don’t think it would be fair to subject him to being soaked to the bone each and every time he needs to go outside.

That said, Jordy got a rain jacket. At least it doesn’t have polka dots.



In person, it’s really more Maverick-esque, à la Top Gun.

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11 Comments on “Are You Ready To Barf?

  1. @Tawcan – Most dogs use their tail for balance, including Jordy. If I try tucking the tail under the jacket, he simply will not walk. A little bit of rain on his fluffy tail will do no harm.

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