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Don’t get me wrong – I adore the Fall season. It’s without a doubt my favourite, filled with blowing ruby leaves, chilled rain, snuggly sweaters, piping hot tea, the return of some of my favourite TV shows and it’s on the precipice of snowboard season. However, once those frigid winds start whipping, I’ll be escaping Vancouver in favour of sunshine for the first time in my life. In fact, my escape will look a little something like this…

The Phoenician - Scottsdale, AZ

Photo: hyku on Flickr

To most, Phoenix might not seem like much (though the average daytime high in November of 25 degrees can’t hurt). But for this girl – who has never been east of Medicine Hat, AB or south of Tacoma, WA, it’s a big deal. I’ve never, ever been anywhere and the only reason I ever got a passport was so that I could drive to Seattle last October to see Jenny Lewis at Showbox at the Market. I’m even stopping over for two hours in San Francisco on the way home, so there’s another notch on the travel belt – technically speaking.

My ticket is booked, fun times confirmed and now all I have to pay for is taking the brand new Canada Line and those pesky luggage check fees with U.S. Airways. While I don’t know entirely what’s planned, I’ve been told that all that’s between me and a handgun at the prestigious Scottsdale Gun Club is a quick seven-minute instructional video. Take cover.

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  1. So finally you’ve decided to join the ranks of Calleigh Dusquesne and start your journey to become an FBI agent. Good luck and enjoy…just stay away from guys named Horatio.

  2. Winter is totally where its at. I get depressed because we dont get more cold and snow here… to each their own though. Hope you enjoy your trip.

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