Paws For A Cause Was A Huge Success!

After months of planning, preparation, anticipation and tireless fundraising efforts, the BC-SPCA’s Paws For A Cause finally arrived. While these walks were simultaneously taking place in communities all across British Columbia, Jordy, Charley, my mom and I found ourselves at Marina Park in Comox.

The sunshine decided to take a day off, but rain clouds didn’t damper the excitement everyone felt. Dozens and dozens of beautiful, amazing, playful dogs turned out to support their fellow animals.

I’m still waiting to hear the final tallies regarding how much money was raised both Province-wide and in the Comox Valley, but I have no doubt that the goals of $950,000 and $20,000 respectively were reached.

Paws Crew

My readers have been completely awesome! Many contributed funds and many more offered supportive words of encouragement – both of which kept giving me the drive to keep up with the efforts I had undertaken to make. I’d like to take a minute to offer a huge thank you to my financial sponsors for their generous donations: Katrina Mellis, Danielle Ciavarro, Marda Mischa-Miller, Tyler Ingram, Tania Morrison, Sixty4Media, Madeline Lagden, Lindsay Davis, Phil Ogynist, Buster the Dog, Jennifer Stoddart, Mikis Manolis, Duane Storey, Tanya Martin, Winnie Sung, Nicole George, Colleen Brown, Blain Sepos, Erin McConnell, Dom Richards, “Jenn,” Sarah Dawson, A.M. Chalupa, Marlee McConnell, Craig Jangula, Eileen Henderson, Sea To Sky Network Solutions and Double S Sales (Courtenay Sears).

Between all of you, $1,590 was donated to help many grateful animals!

One of my favourite things about events like this is not only the socialization they provide for dogs – which is crucial to their well-being – but it’s also a lot of fun to watch the animals play and interact together. Anyone who doesn’t believe that dogs are loving, intelligent and communicative creatures is completely nuts.

A last hearty and huge thank you to everyone who participated, donated, encouraged and cheered all of us on around British Columbia. It’s classic cheese to say, but you’re the true heroes for giving of what you have for the betterment of another creature. One friend who donated told me that she did so because “there’s an animal out there that needs food more than I need a new shirt or a couple drinks at a pub!” That’s hitting the nail on the head and then some.

Stay tuned to my Twitter for final totals! (And don’t forget: just because this event is over doesn’t mean the need is gone. If you’d like to support, donate to or volunteer at your local shelter, please visit the BC-SPCA’s website.

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6 Comments on “Paws For A Cause Was A Huge Success!

  1. It was a fun morning and I think both Charley and Jordy really enjoyed themselves. Charley did have her few fearful moments when other dogs sounded aggressive to each other…she’s such a wuss!

  2. Good to hear it went well. One day I’ll be able to attend one of those with my dog(s)…when I get one/three.

    Quick question for you, if you read this…what is the best spa to go to on the island? I’m looking to take my mom over there for a few days and we want to try a spa. I’ve heard a few suggestions, but I wanted to hear from you, since you’re an island expert.

  3. @Leigh – The best spa experience I’ve ever had on the Island is, hands down, the Grotto Spa at the Tigh-Na-Mara Resort in Parksville. Rebecca and I were there earlier in the summer – click here to read my post and see the pictures. Have fun!

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