I started this blog in June of 2006 September of 2005 with no rhyme or reason. My posts were as scattered as my thoughts, but my primary purpose was to keep family and a few friends updated on my goings-on. Since that time, this blog has undergone name changes, address changes, personality changes, different directions, switched focuses, transformed sentiments and has varied itself between a journalism blog and a diary blog (and all the places in between).

The truth is, more often than not, I resent the internet. Several days ago, I was discussing with a friend how much more burdensome it can be rather than helpful. While I appreciate that being online is a great tool for connection, both she and I agreed that sometimes it’s crucial to take a step back, breathe and re-group yourself. It’s difficult to avoid becoming too dependent on this as our personal portal to the so-called outside world.

I love to write. I love forming sentences, playing with words and transforming thoughts from ideas in my head into coherent expressions through the language I use. I love hearing from readers that something I’ve shared has impacted them in a personal way. I love taking just one incredible photo and imparting it with others. I don’t want to stop.

From here out, I promise to you, o my readers, to write only when something reflects the attitude I shared above. No fluff, no filler, no blog posts out of daily obligation. Most of you can tell when I’ve written something without any heart, something that is even more apparent to me than to anyone else. If you want my fluff thoughts, check my Twitter. If you want to read about the things or experiences that rock me to my core in one way or another, you may be required to endure delays of several days at times, but stay tuned…

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6 Comments on “YOU KNOW IT, I KNOW IT

  1. this would be why we all love you – honesty is highly attractive. I second Kat, as long as you keep writing we’re all happy :)

  2. When it feels like a job or a chore or a pressure, and it is no longer enjoyable, you do need to take a step back and rethink what *you* are doing it for. After all this is your blog, and if you aren’t enjoying doing it, what is the point right? I’ve been at that point many many times. I came to conclude, if you enjoy writing, only write when you enjoy it.

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