Month: September 2009


Growing up, most of us went through musical phases by genre, but in my case I seemingly went through phases based on geography. At one point I was in a British chapter, listening only to Duran Duran, Blur,… Read More

A Little Goes A Long Way

Do you paint? Run an auto shop? Knit? Distribute books? Own a shop of interesting and unique treasures? Provide a service that benefits the community? I’d like you to consider for a moment the fact that whatever you… Read More

Island Profile: Autumn On The Island

What happens to be my most favourite season never ceases to stun me. As soon as the afternoon light changes, I know that Autumn is on its way, bringing with it change, renewal, crisp air and colours that… Read More

From Europe To Yaletown

In European Renaissance, those of royalty or upper-class society often married simply for the preservation of bloodlines and social status. More often than not, these men and women sought entertainment and companionship on the side from particular people… Read More

Are You Ready To Barf?

Let me be the first one to say that I personally think clothing on dogs borders on the ridiculous. I must also preface these photos by saying that, when soaking wet, Jordy is visually half-size. His thick and… Read More